Education and Student Life

Lim Ji-Hyun (from Korea)

Anywhere in the World for My Research

Lim Ji-Hyun (Korea)
First Grade, Doctral Program, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation


Born in Seoul. When she first came to Saijo, she felt that it was a totally different world, but now she likes its naturally rich environment. Has a global mind and is ready to go anywhere in the world to continue her research.

Becoming Less Inclined to Hot Dishes

At university in Korea, I majored in urban planning, such as park design, which cultivated my interest in the environment. Attracted to research by instructors from Hiroshima University, I decided to study in Japan. I'm impressed that all the instructors I have met are very ardent. They dedicate themselves to their research and enjoy it, as if the research were their hobby. I really like Saijo, a comfortable place with a rich environment. However, I would also like to add one more thing. Since I came to Japan, I have become less inclined to hot dishes. When I return to Korea and have some hot dishes, I feel pain in my stomach!

Carrying out a joint research survey in New Zealand

Barbecue held by my laboratory

Japan and Korea – Similar but Different

Japan and Korea have many similarities, but at the same time many differences. For example, Japanese has many indirect expressions, while Korean has many direct expressions. Because of this difference, I first had many difficulties in communicating with Japanese people, which upset me. Both countries have a culture of respecting the arts of etiquette, although Korean people are stricter about seniority than Japanese people are. I feel that this has led to a more casual and close relationship between instructors and students in Japan than in Korea. Moreover, I think that Japan is a country that values people's privacy. In Korea, if you cannot participate in a party with friends due to some other engagement, you will be asked many times by the friends “Why? What is that engagement? Why can't you come?" In Japan, you will not be asked those details. Actually, I sometimes think “Why can't you ask me many more details?" and feel that the Japanese-style response is a little too dry for me.

Desire to Continue Research

Currently, to increase productivity and promote environmentally friendly agriculture, I'm conducting research on the application of remote sensing for agriculture. Remote sensing is the acquisition of information by observing the state of a piece of land (grassland) extensively using an artificial satellite. In the future, I would like to earn a doctoral degree and become a researcher, whether in Japan, Korea, or anywhere else in the world, to continue my research.

Research on Hiroshima University's farm

*Excerpt from “Experience the Earth,” HU-style Vol. 33, 2012