Hiroshima University 75+75th Anniversary Project Commemorative Goods

Hiroshima University 75+75th Anniversary Project Goods

A 315-piece jigsaw puzzle depicting the most iconic places of the university is now on sale. The puzzle was designed by Hiroshima-based illustrator Hirofumi Kamigaki to commemorate HU's 75+75th anniversary.


Hiroshima University 75th Anniversary Project
Hiroshima University, the wonderland of knowledge, silk scarf

3,520 yen (with tax)

Materials: 100% Silk
Size: 58×58cm
Please note that there is a limited stock, and it may possibly sell out.

HU 75+75th Anniversary Project Puzzle
Hiroshima University Exploring Wonderland 315 pieces
1,980 Yen (tax included)

Box size: H16 x W18 cm
Finished size: H28.5 x W39.9 (slightly smaller than A3)
※Because of limited quantities, this item may be out of stock. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Sales location/inquiries

Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

Hiroshima University Co-op

Kasumi Campus

  • Hiroshima University Hospital (Hospital Shops in the Impatient Ward 2nd Floor/Clinical Building 3rd Floor)
  • Kasumi Hall Plaza Midori
    General Incorporated Foundation Ryokufukai General Affairs Department
    TEL: 082-252-3520

Other locations
   the Hiroshima University Kiteminsai Lab
   Hiroshima JP Building 2F, 2-62 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City
   TEL: 082-207-1764