Frequently Asked Questions

Q.The tenancy period is two years; is it possible to extend this?

 A.No, as a general rule. If you wish to extend your tenancy in special circumstances, please contact the office listed in the contact details section below.

Q.Is there a curfew?

A.There are no particular regulations concerning this. However, there is not a great deal of outdoor lighting around the dormitory and it gets dark at night, so we recommend that female students in particular return home early.

Q.If you are not picked the first time, is it possible to apply for selection again?

A.No, as a general rule. Selection of dormitory tenants is basically restricted to new entrants. Consequently, we do not accept applications from existing students. However, there are occasions when we solicit applications from existing students, depending on the situation in regard to vacancies.

Q.Does the dormitory have a car park?

A.No. Parking is prohibited within the dormitory site. Consequently, if you purchase a car, it will be necessary for you to enter into a contract for an ordinary car parking space.

Q.Is it possible to use the internet?

A.If you would like to use the Internet, please directly apply to Internet provider.

Q.What should I do if I have any problems?

A.Please come to the Dormitory Management Office on the first floor of Building No. 11. Between 08:30 and 17:15 on weekdays, there is a manager there who can assist you; at all other times, there is a security guard who can help. If you have any problems, please do come to the Dormitory Management Office.

If you wish to know more about dormitory life, please read 「Ikenoue Student Dormitories Guidebook」 below.