Support for Finding Employment

The concept that forms the starting point for careers education at this university is finding "the path to living in a way that is true to yourself."
Starting this process early will help you to find a job that satisfies you.

Key features of careers support at Hiroshima University

  • Comprehensive careers support
    There are two faculty members, providing comprehensive education and guidance, including lectures and counseling.
  • Practical careers support
    Making use of their experience in personnel, hiring, education, and overseas business gained during many years of working at private sector companies, the faculty members and the Career Advisor also provide helpful hints concerning career paths and job-seeking from the perspective of companies.
    The Career Center has a full range of information, equipment, and staff to help you find the right career for you.
  • Early careers support
    Students can access guidance concerning their career path at any time, starting from their first year. Each faculty works in partnership with the Center to provide finely-tuned guidance.
    If you start early, you'll have more time to contemplate your future way of life.

First-years onward [Considering career paths and occupations]

  • Orientation at the start of the academic year: Career Design Guide
  • Careers lectures as part of the general education seminar course
  • Careers education as a subject in the liberal arts education program (realm-based subject: Careers Education)
    Selecting an Occupation and Self-actualization: Design Your Own Career
    Introduction to Career Design
  • Career development support lectures tailored to each school, institute or faculty
  • Careers seminars
  • Internships
  • Other extracurricular courses (such as bookkeeping and preparation for the civil servant examinations) undertaken in collaboration with the Hiroshima University Co-op

Third-years onward [Supporting job-seeking activities]

  • Compilation and distribution of employment support materials
  • Guidance for finding employment
  • Seminars on specific sectors and companies
  • Provision of information about companies and job vacancies, etc.

At Hiroshima University, the Career Center provides everyone with the support they need to move up the career ladder

Thinking about your career means thinking about your way of life. We will support you in thinking about your way of life by choosing a career path and occupation that you will find satisfying.

Career Support Programs

Careers Education

Selecting an Occupation and Self-actualization: Design Your Own Career
Introduction to Career Design

This is a realm-based subject (Careers Education) that forms part of the liberal arts education program for students, starting in their first year.
Two credits each can be obtained in the first and second semesters.
This provides a forum in which you can think about what to study at university in order to live in a way that is true to yourself and how to live your life at university, as well as starting to design your career.
Featuring various practical exercises, this course will also help to nurture your ability to express yourself, the ability to think logically, and the ability to solve problems.

Based on their experience of having worked in personnel, hiring, education, and overseas business at private sector companies, the faculty members teaching this course aim to achieve a balance between the theory and practice of career design.

Careers counseling and advice on job-seeking

The careers team also provides individual career counseling for students who are struggling to decide on a career path, such as those who have developed an interest in a different major from their current one in the course of their university studies and are wondering whether to progress to studying that field.
 Staff members will work with you to carefully consider what you can do and what you want to do, in order to enable you to identify a satisfying career path.

Moreover, the Career Advisor, who has lengthy experience of working for private sector companies, provides counseling to enable you to find the kind of employment that you want, regarding such matters as how to undertake job-seeking activities, the content required in application documents, and interview tips.

Careers seminars

We believe that, when thinking about your career path or occupation, there are many useful pointers that you can gain from listening to the stories of people familiar to you, such as your friends and more senior students.
At the Hiroshima University Career Center, we hold company seminars and joint career seminars, at which human resources staff from companies talk about jobs and companies, and the sense of satisfaction to be gained from work, as well as responding to individual questions. 

We hope that you will participate, in order to gain insights that will be a useful point of reference when thinking about your own way of life.


Hiroshima University actively promotes internship initiatives, with the aim of providing target-focused education. 
At the Career Center, we run Hiroshima University's own internship program.
The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Applied Biological Science have their own specific programs, so we recommend that students in those faculties participate in those programs.
Moreover, we post information about internships on the website and provide training before and afterwards.

Having a goal, formulating a proper plan, and actively taking part is the key to really getting something out of an internship.
Do make active use of this program, in order to assist in selecting an occupation and achieve success in finding employment.

Vox Pop

A substantial support system! They'll be your best friends when you're looking for a job!

Aya Iizuka, 4th year student (2011 academic year), School of Law, Faculty of Law

I really had no idea where to start when it came to job-seeking activities.
That's why I took part in a guidance session organized by the Career Center, which started by teaching us how to fill out an entry sheet (a form of handwritten resume), as well as giving us interview tips.
In addition, I was able to meet lots of companies at the company seminars.
When I got stuck, I was able to get advice from the counselors, who have a wealth of real-world experience, which I found really encouraging.
Thanks to this substantial support system, I was able to get an unofficial offer from the company of my dreams.

Use the Career Center as the first step in your job-seeking activities

Tsutomu Oyama, 2nd year master's student (2011 academic year), Division of Human Sciences, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

The Career Center has a full range of systems to support students in their job-seeking activities, including everything from guidance sessions that provide an overview of job-seeking activities, to correcting and providing advice on improving the entry sheets (ES) submitted to companies, as well as interview practice, and introductions to alumni.
In my own case, I went to the Career Center on what seemed like a weekly basis, seeking help with my ES.
It's really important for you to be proactive in undertaking job-seeking activities.
I recommend that you make going to the Career Center the first step in your job-seeking activities.