Education and Student Life

Timeline Photos (Charissa)

Prior to Study Abroad

Research study abroad opportunities
Attend department’s information meetings
Apply through home university

Receive acceptance for study abroad
Begin application for HUSA

Send HUSA application to Hiroshima University

Receive acceptance letter from HU

May, June, July
Submit documents required by home university (passport copy, etc.)
Submit Housing Request form for HUSA

Buy airline tickets
Submit travel information form to HUSA
Apply for student visa at local embassy
Finish application for home university

Travel to Japan

During Study abroad

Welcome Party

Classes Begin

International Café

Yoshiura Crab Festival in Kure City

Volunteer Friends

University Fall Festival

Middle School Class Observation for Research

Nabe Party

Snow for the first time

Phoenix Assistant(*)
(*)Students working part-time at the university’s administrative offices.

Coming-of-Age Ceremony


It is not every day that a girl from America has the chance to wear traditional Japanese clothing, particularly the iconic kimono or furisode. My involvement with NOIE allowed me to participate in a seijinshiki (Coming-of-Age ceremony) in Hiroshima City. On the day of the ceremony, a friend from the local church I attended provided the opportunity by lending me her furisode and even putting it on me. Spending the day walking around the city with this traditional attire made the day like one I had never experience.