Mascot Character Goods

"Hiroty" Goods

We have made merchandise items of " ひろティー®" (Hiroty), Hiroshima University's mascot.

The Phoenix tree which is the symbol of Hiroshima University is the motif for the design of the character.
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NEW! Imabari Light Towel

Imabari Light Towel
(Sold Out)

(Sold Out)

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Imabari Light Towel

2 Colors: Charcoal gray / Mandarin
Size: 33cm x 100cm

1,200 Yen
Mug (sold out) Size: Diameter 8cm x 9.2cm 850 Yen
Clear File Folder 2 Colors     Size: A4 200 Yen

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Sales location/ Inquiries

Higashi-Hiroshima Campus
Public Relations Group (Administration Bureau 4th Floor)
TEL: 082-424-4383
※Goods will be available for purchase on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays (excluding public holidays) between 12:00 and 13:00
※For anyone wishing to purchase, please contact the Public Relations Group beforehand.