Mascot Character Goods

Hiroty® Goods

We have made merchandise items of " ひろティー®" (Hiroty), Hiroshima University's mascot.

The Phoenix tree which is the symbol of Hiroshima University is the motif for the design of the character.
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Back in stock!
Mug "Campus"
For sale at the Higashi-Hiroshima campus and the HU Kitenminsai Lab

NEW! Mug "Checker"
For sale at the Higashi-Hiroshima campus and the HU Kitenminsai Lab

Tote Bag

NEW! Tote Bag
(left: Checker / right: Campus)

Only a few left!
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Imabari Light Towel
(Sold out)
Size: 33cm x 100cm
Restocking is planned for around March
1,200 Yen

Design: Campus / Checker
Size: Diameter 8cm x 9.2cm

850 Yen
Tote Bag

Design: Campus / CheckerSize: 330mm x 390mm (Fits A3 documents)Material: Cotton

550 Yen
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2 Colors: Orange/ Clear
Size: A4

200 Yen

※ All listed prices are tax included.
※ Because of limited quantities, items may be out of stock. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Sales location/inquiries

Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

Hiroshima University Co-op

  • North 1 Co-op shop (from Nov. 5, 2022)
    TEL: 082-423-8285
  • West 2 Co-op shop (from Nov. 28, 2022)
    TEL: 082-423-0920

    Co-op website
    Business hours
    Updated business hours are available from the link above.

Kasumi Campus

  • Hiroshima University Hospital (Hospital Shops in the Impatient Ward 2nd Floor/Clinical Building 3rd Floor)
  • Kasumi Hall Plaza Midori
    General Incorporated Foundation Ryokufukai General Affairs Department
    TEL: 082-252-3520

Other locations

  Hiroshima University Kiteminsai Lab
  Hiroshima JP Building 2F, 2-62 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City
  *Clear file folders are not available for purchase in this location.