Details of facility:Type A

Type A: Men's Dorms   (Building No.1~4,7~9)

  Type A: Men's Dorms   (Building No.1~4,7~9)

Maximum capacity 292 (64) students
* The figure in the parenthesis shows the number of international students included.
Rent 7,500 yen per month
* Common costs will additionally be required.(1,900 yen per month)
* Utility costs will additionally be required.(About 10,000 yen per month according to the amount used.)
Equipments Room Bed with shelf, desk, chair, locker, air conditioner and heater, mini kitchen, telephone, TV terminal
*1 per floor
Standard household bathtub and 2 shower rooms
Toilet Room
*1 per floor
Western-style toilets
Laundry Room
*1 per floor
Laundry machine.
Other Fiber optic network (signing up with Internet service providers is necessary)
A common room is located in the 2nd and 4th floor.



(Main entrance side)

(Veranda side)

Public space

(common garbage boxes)

(shoe box)

[Bathroom]dressing room

[Bathroom]shower room


(lavatory and toilet)

(western-style lavotory)

(1 laundry machine)

(Common room)

Inside the room

(the whole room)

(mini kitchen)