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‘President 5 Initiatives for Peace Sciences: Creating Peace to Realize Safety and Security’ has been drawn up

With ‘President 5 Initiatives for Peace Sciences’, we move towards becoming a university that ‘creates peace'

In May 2023, President Ochi drew up the ‘President 5 Initiatives for Peace Sciences: Creating Peace to Realize Safety and Security’. 

By July of the same year, these initiatives were publicly recognized as the 'Ochi Initiative'.  The initiatives consist of five prioritized issues identified in the process of realizing ‘Defining HU’s Goals for the Fourth Mid-Term Objectives Period’ during which the university aims to become a world-class education and research center, embodying the new philosophy of peace science titled ‘Science for Sustainable Development'.

 (1) Innovation and Economic Security through Formation of Semiconductor Ecosystem
 (2) Global Public Health Security through Vaccine and Drug Development, Cell Therapy, and Regenerative Medicine
 (3) Peace through Comprehensive Radiation Disaster Management
 (4) Maritime and Ocean Governance and Sustainability through Asian Center of Excellence
 (5) Food Security through Livestock Industry Reforms to Improve Nutrition in the South

By utilizing society’s investment and the resources available to the university, Hiroshima University will address these five challenges and strive to become a university that ‘creates peace’. In this process, we aim to expand the university’s functions, enhance collaboration with campus organizations  and existing activities, and uphold the principle of the ‘Pursuit of Peace’.

Additionally, we intend to achieve the Goals above by deepening collaboration with various stakeholders associated with the university, and establishing a world-class research and education center that implements ‘Science for Sustainable Development’.