About HU

Hiroshima University Charter

Hiroshima University is a national research university established in 1949 in Hiroshima, which is the first atomic-bomb stricken city in the history of humankind.

Hiroshima University’s mission is to contribute to the well-being of humankind by realizing a free and peaceful society based on the following five guiding principles: The Pursuit of Peace; The Creation of New Forms of Knowledge; The Nurturing of Well-Rounded Human Beings; Collaboration with the Local, Regional and International Community; and Continuous Self-Development.

1. Respect for human rights

In all its activities, Hiroshima University will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind in relation to ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, gender, economic or social status, or disability, and will respect and protect the human rights and individuality of each person.

2. Education

Hiroshima University will create an environment in which each student can learn independently and flexibly, while nurturing individuals with a rich sense of humanity, broad education, excellent specialized knowledge, and the ability to discover and solve problems on their own, who will contribute to the realization of a society that enables free and peaceful sustainable development.

3. Research

Hiroshima University will strive for an in-depth search for the truth and the creation of new knowledge through advanced and innovative research based on the free thinking of its researchers, and will share the fruits of such endeavors with the wider community, in order to continuously create innovations to solve the problems faced by the local, national and international communities.

4. Social Contributions

As a university aspiring to be open to and trusted by society, Hiroshima University is determined to contribute to local and international society by actively publicizing its activities, securing cooperation and collaboration with local communities, industry and other organizations concerned, and engaging itself in all activities including education, research, and medical care.

5. Realization of a sustainable society

Hiroshima University, as a university engaged in world-class activities for the realization of a sustainable society, will strive to lead the world in providing cutting-edge solutions to global issues such as poverty, conflict, the suppression of human rights, infectious diseases, and environmental, resource and energy problems.

The members of Hiroshima University will take pride in their work, reflect tirelessly on the role expected of them by the nation and the world, and continue to fulfill each member’s mission by fully demonstrating his/her individuality and abilities, while ensuring full compliance and showing mutual trust and respect.

(Enacted on December 27, 2021)