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Hiroshima University Code of Conduct

As a national research university established in Hiroshima, Hiroshima University is committed to fulfilling its mission of contributing to the well-being of humankind by realizing a free and peaceful society, and at the same time, it is required to be highly ethical, transparent and fully accountable for its activities. In order to live up to this responsibility, the University has established the “Hiroshima University Code of Conduct” as a guideline that all members should always be aware of and follow.

1. Respect for human rights and diversity

We will respect the human rights and personality of each individual, will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, and will realize a campus where all members can fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities.

2. Upholding independence and autonomy

While giving due consideration to social norms, ethics, and the integrity of our individual activities, we will uphold academic freedom and the autonomy and independence of education and research. We will aspire to conduct and develop research and education that are of the highest international standard, and return the fruits of such research and education to society.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

In our activities as members of Hiroshima University, we will comply with social norms and rules, relevant laws and regulations, and university regulations.

4. Disclosure/Protection of Information

In order to fulfill our accountability to society in a transparent and fair manner, we will disclose to society the content and results of our activities and other information held by the University in a timely and appropriate manner, and will hold ourselves to high ethical standards in the use of that information, as well as in the protection of personal information. 

5. Information Management

In order to ascertain the value of Hiroshima University's information assets and to ensure their safety and reliability, we shall fully recognize the threats to information security, and shall manage and operate information appropriately in accordance with our respective duties.

6. Appropriate management of expenses and assets

We will manage and use the university’s expenses and assets in an appropriate and efficient manner, always being aware that most of the expenses and assets for our activities come from taxes and other forms of social support.

7. Maintenance of a safe and secure environment

We will raise awareness of safety in the conduct of our operation and provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for education, study, research and work.

8. Addressing environmental issues

We will take the initiative in addressing global environmental issues such as climate change, large-scale disasters, environmental pollution, and resource and energy problems, to hand over a stable environment to future generations.

(Enacted on December 27, 2021)