Q2.What kind of support did you receive here?

I once received the job hunting support from the career center. Through those career guidance for international students, I got an overall knowledge of the job hunting procedures and schedules in Japan. Moreover, there was also personal counseling according to each student’s case, such as self-public relations, practice for interview, and modification of entry-sheet for desired companies and so on.

When I just enrolled into Hiroshima University in April, there was an orientation meeting held by the library, introducing the library facilities, the way of finding, borrowing and returning books, how to use the digital journals and find the thesis you need. This really helps me a lot in my research later.

When I came across difficulties or troubles in my life, staff in the support office were always ready to help me. Especially when I was puzzled by those procedure documents, they always explained to me kindly and patiently, which put me at ease. There are support offices in all faculties or graduate schools, so when I realized there is always someone ready to help me here, I felt relieved.

Throughout the year, the HUSA staff truly took care of me in various ways. No matter how small the problem, I always felt welcome to talk with them and ask for advice. The staff members are precious people to me. However, not only the support team, but also professors and friends alike supported me. Whether for my research, papers, or daily life, it was a blessing relying on my family and the people around me.

The help of my tutor in setting up the bank accounts and my mobile phone here was invaluable, but apart from that, the general orientation meetings were more than sufficient. It was really helpful that I got a friend out of my tutor though. If I had any questions, the HUSA staff always answered kindly and thoroughly.