Q6.If you were to study abroad in Japan again, what would you do better?

If I had a chance to live my life here again, I would join some students’ societies or clubs. Among more than 240 students’ societies and clubs in the university, there must be one suitable for me.

In Hiroshima University, there are international students from many countries and regions, therefore, you have many chances to exchange with students from other countries even inside campus. Also, there are many foreign teaching staff and arts and sciences courses are held in German, French, Russian, and Korean and so on. Under such environment, you could improve your foreign languages besides Japanese.

I would like to live with a host family in Saijo. Living with a Japanese family would deepen my understanding of Japanese culture. Thanks to NOIE, I was able to spend a week with a host family in Osaka so my hope has been fulfilled in one way. I would also like to take more classes strictly in Japanese with only Japanese students.

If I came again, I would try to spend even more time with Japanese people in different situations, not just with Japanese students. Also, I’d try to take courses in Japanese directed to Japanese students, preferably related to my major (physics) back home.