Q4.Tell us about a fun experience you would tell others about.

What impressed me most was to hanami (enjoy the cherry blossom) with my friends. The Kagamiyama park, famous for beautiful cherry blossom in the Higashihiroshima city, is near to our university and many students and staffs often go to hanami in spring. Enjoying those splendid sakura (cherry blossom) while eating delicious food brings a really special experience.

Those days spent together with my friends in the same study room became a precious life wealth for me. We did not only go travelling around together, but also be worried together when our research did not go smoothly and finally overcome those difficulties together. I could not make such progress without my friends. I am really lucky to have them around me.

My greatest joy is spending good times with friends. Since studying abroad in Japan is such a precious experience, I wanted to spend it with people as much as possible. Child or adult, student or worker, I am alive to tell others how unconditionally loved they are. Hearing words like “I am so glad that I met you,” “You make learning English enjoyable,” or “When you go home, I’ll be sad” make my heart glad.

It is really hard to pick a single memory, especially since my exchange year hasn’t ended yet, but the Japanese New Year I got to spend is a really memorable experience. I was invited to a good friend’s home, so I got to experience a very traditional New Year, with the accompanying foods and traditions.