Q3.What makes you glad you studied abroad and how have you grown?

I enhanced my ability to accustom myself to a new environment. Also I feel more close to my goal of being international. However, what I cherish most is the happy time I spend with my friends here.

I have improved my Japanese a lot. When I first came to Japan, I could not understand what our teachers said. But now, I could not only understand others well, but also express myself clearly.

Before I came to Japan, I used to follow the instructions of my teachers and parents, without thinking by myself. However, since I came to study in Japan, I do not only have to decide what to research here, but also choose research-related books by myself, then read and understand those books. Finally pick useful parts for my research. Through the above training, I learned to study and live with questions and think in various ways.

Studying abroad helped me realize my strong points and weak points. After realizing my characteristics and seeing what type of person I want to be, this experience showed me who I am and what I believed. I learned to cooperate with others, discuss with people of different worldviews, and cherish my friendships. When I stepped bravely into new experiences without hesitation, I grew stronger in many ways.

My exchange year at Hiroshima University has given me a great chance to meet many new people from various countries, an experience I wouldn’t have had back at my home university. Even though I didn’t consider myself a closed minded person by any means before I came here, I quickly noticed that different cultures indeed have different ways of viewing things. Realizing this has enabled myself to better my way of thinking and made me able to be more relaxed even in a completely different cultural environment.