Hiroshima University Münster Center

Location: The University of Münster (Münster City)

On May 2nd 2019, Hiroshima University Münster Center, the 19th overseas base of HU, was established in the University of Münster (WWU) in Germany.

HU and WWU signed an inter-university exchange agreement in February 2017 through which the two universities have deepened academic exchange since then. In addition, Münster is the place where “The Peace of Westphalia” was signed to end the “Thirty Years' War”, and today it is known as an international city of peace just like the City of Hiroshima.

For the future, HU and WWU plan to facilitate mutual exchange, specifically by co-hosting various events such as peace conferences (as part of the PEACE 2020 Project), as well as by conducting collaborative student seminars (idea mining seminars).

With this new center, we hope that exchange between the two universities and the two countries will flourish even further.