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Fourth Webinar for Indonesian Alumni was held

After a year of preparation through a series of official and unofficial online webinars and meetings, Hiroshima University Alumni Association Indonesia Chapter (HUAA-Indonesia) is about to start its activities in earnest with its inaugural meeting scheduled for May this year.

Before its successful establishment, the International Office of Hiroshima University held the 4th webinar on February 19, 2022 to finalize the charter together with Indonesian alumni. This webinar was an opportunity for the alumni to reaffirm their understanding of this new initiative and to discuss ideas for future activities. As before, it was moderated by alumna Novi Syaftika.

First, there was an introduction about the establishment of the chapter including its progress, proposed organization structure, and schedule in the run-up to the inaugural meeting by alumna Siti Maimunah, chair of the chapter. And then, Executive Vice President of Global Initiatives Shinji Kaneko explained the expectations for the co-creation platform, which includes collaboration with Hiroshima University, private companies, research institutions, and other stakeholders, as well as the long-term possibility of expanding activities to other countries.

The open discussion with about 80 participants focused on knowledge sharing such as a webinar series, and ideas were exchanged on specific topics and possibilities. The heated exchange of ideas continued well past the scheduled end time.

Hiroshima University, together with its steering committee members, will continue to prepare for the inaugural meeting in May and the start of activities.

From left to right:

HU alumna Siti Maimunah, Director of Road Transportation Safety Polytechnic, Ministry of Transportation, Indonesia

HU alumna Novi Syaftika, working for the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in Indonesia

Hiroshima University’s Executive Vice President of Global Initiatives, Shinji Kaneko

Commemorative photo with participants


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