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HU Taiwan Alumni Association Holds an Alumni Meeting

On January 21, 2024, an alumni meeting of the Hiroshima University (HU) Taiwan Alumni Association was held in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. In addition to the association’s chairperson Ou and 11 other alumni, HU President Mitsuo Ochi, Executive Vice President for Global Initiatives Shinji Kaneko, and Professor Akinobu Teramoto, Director of HU’s Research Institute for Nanodevices, were also in attendance.

The HU Taiwan Alumni Association was established in February 2009 as an alumni association for former international students who studied or worked at HU and are currently active in Taiwan. Since then, it has developed as an association of people who support HU as well as an association for exchange among members.

In his welcoming remarks, President Ochi reported on the development of the university's campus, which celebrated its 150th anniversary this year, and on its achievements in research, including "The International Institute for Sustainability with Knotted Chiral Meta Matter (SKCM2)", which was selected as part of the World Premier International Research Center Initiative by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2022.
He also mentioned that during his visit to Taiwan, he plans to conclude a memorandum of understanding with National Central University on student exchange of 100 students per year and with National Tsing Hua University on student exchange to strengthen cooperation in the field of semiconductors, and expressed his hope that this visit will be an opportunity to develop student and academic exchange with Taiwanese higher education institutions. He also expressed his expectations for the revitalization of alumni activities by saying, “I hope that the members of the Taiwan Alumni Association will continue to serve as a bridge between HU and Taiwan by deepening mutual friendship and helping students who wish to study abroad at HU."

Alumni from diverse backgrounds, working in government, academia, and the private sector, shared memories of their study-abroad days and stories about their recent activities, creating a heartwarming moment for the participants. It is hoped that this alumni meeting will promote collaboration with government institutions, universities, and private businesses in Taiwan.

President Ochi’s Welcoming Address

President Ochi (Left) and Chairperson Ou (Right) Giving Each Other Memorial Gifts

Former Chairperson Sakamoto’s Address

Commemorative Photograph of the Participants


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