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University of World-wide Repute and Splendor for Years into the Future

April 3, 2017

Hiroshima University


On 27th May 2016, President Obama set a new precedent by visiting Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park as the first incumbent President of the United States in history, and thereby the world witnessed a new step towards world peace. At the same time, the spread of populism is changing established normative global perceptions, resulting in people’s values becoming more diversified than before. Amidst this world environment, it is the responsibility of universities, as vital knowledge hubs, to take action towards enabling a paradigm shift of science. In response to the gravity of the global situation, Hiroshima University has decided to incorporate our responsibility of realizing a peaceful society into our new vision.

The new long-term vision “SPLENDOR (Sustainable Peace Leader Enhancement by Nurturing Development of   Research ) PLAN 2017” is our pledge to the global society to steadily implement the Annual Plan of Hiroshima University under “the Mid-Term Objectives 2016”, which enable the goals of a “Research University” and “Super Global University” to be achieved at a much higher level, by using the existing “Long-Term Vision of Hiroshima University –Hiroshima University 10 to 15 Years from Now,” established in June 2009, as the basis of SPLENDOR. The new vision oversees the changing situation surrounding the university humbly and objectively, and states the next 10-year plan for a “University of World-wide Repute and Splendor for Years into the Future.

Based on the founding principle of “a single unified university, free and pursuing peace,” Hiroshima University has contributed to the creation of a diversified, free and peaceful global community. The university shall play an important role as an institute known world wide for building peace and global understanding, by embracing to an unprecedented level all the existing research fields related to the sustainability of human beings, society, culture, food, environment and nature, and by challenging and working on building peace, which lead to the development of a concept of a new peace science: “Science for Sustainable Development.”


By establishing a new philosophy of peace science “Science for Sustainable Development,” Hiroshima University will contribute to the realization of a diversified, free, and peaceful global society.

Hiroshima University intends the following: to disseminate information related to our global challenges, with the aim of creating a new concept of “Science for Sustainable Development” ; to receive international researchers and students aspiring to knowledge creation; to play a role in creating a global, diversified, free, and peaceful society, by cultivating peace-pursuing, cultured individuals with an international mindset and a challenging spirit in all quarters of society including international communities.


Establishment of a Worldwide Research and Education Center Leading Science for Sustainable Development.

In order to establish “Science for Sustainable Development,” it is essential to be continuously engaged, in order to create knowledge which leads to a borderless, diversified, and peaceful society in collaboration with society as a whole, by embracing all the existing research fields related to the sustainability of human beings, society, culture, food, environment and nature.

By devoting all available resources to the realization of this goal, Hiroshima University intends to produce the next generation of talented individuals who will contribute to the well-being of humanity, by establishing a worldwide research and education center implementing “Science for Sustainable Development.”


Creation of a Worldwide Research and Education Center Leading Science for Sustainable Development


Students and researchers with a mindset to pursue peace, willing to challenge norms with innovative thinking, in order to achieve a sustainable society.


Steady execution of the “2015 Hiroshima University Reform Plan,” which includes “A Program for Promoting the Enhancement of a Research University” and “FY2014 Top Global University Project.”


All the people and regions co-existing in a future society where perceptions of traditional norms will have been changed and values will have become more diverse.


To aim for a comprehensive research university to be ranked in the top 100 universities in the world by 2023 as a knowledge center implementing “Science for Sustainable Development.”


Three Visions





Enhancement of basic and advanced studies leading to “Science for Sustainable Development.”

By integrating basic study fields (a building block of achieving “Science for Sustainable Development”) with study fields (such as education research , physics, space science, material science, semiconductor/nanotechnology, biotechnology, and food science), we aim to turn the integrated study fields into more advanced, world-class studies. As a university that has supported the reconstruction process after an atomic bombing, Hiroshima University intends to develop a medical science center specializing in radiation disaster, and also to foster medical research fields including regenerative medicine, liver diseases and brain science.


Cultivating individuals who can oversee a changing world and can challenge existing norms on a global scale

By providing an internationally standardized education, the university intends to cultivate individuals with knowledge, expertise and capabilities, who are able to solve various unforeseen problems facing human beings, as well as to cultivate human resources with a mindset to pursue peace and embrace challenges. Furthermore, the curriculum will be continuously improved, by enhancing an open system of internal and external evaluation for globalized and standardized quality education.

Social contribution

Strengthening of partnerships with regional and international societies

Through prioritizing organized commitment between industry-academia collaboration that involves local and international communities working cooperatively with the common goal of prosperity, the university intends to enhance global competitiveness and create collaborative innovation with industry, government, and academia. In response to meeting the demands of global-minded local communities, the university also intends to promote  community-based research and education, as well as to contribute to the creation and vitalization of  local communities.





University reforms based on a unique IR.

Implementation of the IR reforms.

• Nation-wide promotion of AKPI® and improving skills for administrative management.

• Maximization of the functions of education, research and social contributions, by making use of the features and strengths of the university

• Day-to-day evaluations and actions of the university governance

• Reinforcement of the management base under the President’s leadership

University training of quality faculties and researchers

Mobile open campus

• Young researchers and students from all over the world studying on campus with a flexible status in a friendly competitive atmosphere.


• International mobility program in which researchers and students register across multiple universities.

Financial base

• To secure a well-functioning donation system to support faculty members and organizations which conduct good educational research; stable asset management.

The university forming a united institute for peace and recovery.

Global united institutes with the common principle of peace and recovery from disasters.  

• Global unified institutes to promote research & development to provide the highest level of liberal arts and peace science in the world.

• Basic and advanced studies aiming to realize sustainable development and peace for the sake of all the people and regions co-existing in future societies, where perceptions of traditional norms will have been changed and values will be more diversified, involving united institutes in Japan, Asia, and the world.

The university creating the innovation of Peace Science.

“Science for Sustainable Development.”

• Science contributing multi-dimensional sustainability where all the disciplines are integrated: sustainability of each of the following: knowledge × society × human beings × nature

• Development of Peace Science beyond all the disciplines (Peace across disciplines).

• Creating a new educational program by further advancing HiPROSPECTS (Hiroshima University Program of Specified Education and Study).

• Provision of new programs and environments to produce innovative humans resources.


Direction for the Future (Self-portrait)

  • Hiroshima University is an open campus with a world-leading environment for research and education, in which young students with inquisitive minds and adults wishing to pursue further studies join together from all corners of the world.
  • Hiroshima University is a world-wide knowledge center of “Science for Sustainable Development,” encouraging multiple periods of learning throughout a person’s lifetime.
  • Hiroshima University is a stimulating campus full of pride and hope, striving for a peaceful, stable and brilliant future society.