Education and Student Life

International Exchange Hall

Liu Yijing (China)

The International House was designed to provide housing for international students and researchers at Hiroshima University.
There are single rooms, married couple’s apartments and family apartments for international students. Each type is equipped with different furnishings.
Here I want to share my experience when I lived in a single room of Building A from April to September, 2011.

Well furnished and thoughtful service

Inside each room, there are unit bathroom, kitchen, other furnishings, including study desk and chair, bed, wardrobe, tea wagon, shoe cabinet, book self, refrigerator, blinds, air conditioner/heater unit and so on. There is also futon rental system for the first month after moving in with only 2,200 Yen. Besides, to make our life safe here, there are also security guards in the 1st floor. When I first came to Japan, I could start my life here easily and comfortably. 

International exchange with students from many other countries

There is no Japanese student living in the International House, however, there are many international students from many other countries. What impressed me most was that we greeted each other in various languages every day. In the 2nd floor, there is a recreation room for international students, we could watch TV, access the internet and chat with each other about what happened today.

Low rent

Comparing with private apartments, the payments living in the International House are lower. You only need to pay 5900 yen/month for rent, while 25,000~45,000 yen/month for private apartments. In addition, living here you also need to pay for electricity, gas and water, which is depending on the amount of use for each. In my case, I had to pay 7000 yen/month. For those international students who just arrive in Japan and have no income, this really helps me a lot.

Beautiful scenery from the International House

The International House is close to the university. Therefore, in the morning, the campus is misty with fog, while at dusk, it is glittering in the light of setting sun. I enjoyed this beautiful scenery very much.