Education and Student Life

Sun Square Higashi-Hiroshima

Reuben Lewis (Sierra Leone)

Doctor's Program, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation

Sun Square Higashi-Hiroshima was established as a joint effort of Hiroshima Prefecture and Higashi-Hiroshima City, and built by the Hiroshima Prefectural Housing Corporation for the dual purposes of providing foreigners with a comfortable place to live, as well as to promote exchanges between international students and Japanese students and citizens.

Furnished apartment

Sun Square is a very comfortable place to live. The apartment is well furnished with all the basic things one may need to start living in a new place such as bed, refrigerator, tables and chairs, with shelves for books and other basic utensils and even air conditioner. It is spacious, clean and well organized, and there is a communication corner at the ground floor with very kind and cooperative people who can help find solutions to all your needs or challenges. They even offer free Japanese language classes at the Sun Square.


The surrounding is one of the exciting things about Sun Square as a place to stay. The apartment is actually in central Saijo Town which makes it easy to get around. The apartment is 7 minute by foot to the Saijo train and bus station, and less than 5 min by foot to the City office as well as Banks. There are many shops where you can get anything within short distances and also many restaurants where you can eat delicious Japanese food. Therefore, I found it to be one of the most comfortable places to live.

Relationships with Other Residents

Having lived at Sun Square for a while now, I will say I have been able to interact with other students living there and share few moments with them and even their families.

Amusement in Daily Life

With regards to my daily life, I mostly spend it in the university. But I do make time to go around with friends and visit interesting places. Saijo is actually a quiet place with a country side outlook, but there are game centres, bowling centres, parks and places to do sports such as football etc. However, when I want to have fun and amuse myself I go down town to Hiroshima city.