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  • 2017 Hiroshima University Entrance Ceremony was held

2017 Hiroshima University Entrance Ceremony was held

On April 3rd, the 2017 Entrance Ceremony of Hiroshima University was held at the Higashi Hiroshima Sports Park Gymnasium Hall and in the total of 3,976 new students were enrolled into the university.

While a pleasant spring breeze was felt around the venue, many freshmen and their parents and guardians attended the ceremony.

In his welcome speech, President Ochi talked about  the founding principle of Hiroshima University, which goes “a single unified university, free and pursuing peace,” and asked the fresh students to bear that in mind, while aiming to grow into ‘peace-pursuing, cultured individuals with international mindset and a challenging spirit” at Hiroshima University.

President Ochi stressed the importance of life-long pursuit of cultivating one’s knowledge of the Liberal Arts  along with that of deepening one’s scholarly knowledge in his/her specialized field.

This year, a total of 3,976 students, 2,466 Undergraduate students, 17 Special Course students, and 1,493 Graduate students are starting their campus life.

The video clip of the ceremony

The video recording of the ceremony is available on our YouTube channel.

The venue was filled with freshmen and their parents.

Ms. Michie Nakamaru, an opera singer, singing the national anthem

Declaring admission to Hiroshima University

President Ochi making his ceremonial speech

President Ochi honoring the students for their achievements during the Student Award ceremony

Group singing of the university anthem in collaboration with Ms. Nakamaru, Hiroshima University Symphony Orchestra, Hiroshima University Concert Choir, and Hiroshima University Mixed Chorus Pastorale.

We received video messages to the new students from Mr. Takushi Tanaka of “Ungirls,” one of HU alumni and an entertainer, Mr. Hajime Moriyasu, the Head Coach of the Sanfrecce Hiroshima, and Mr. Koichi Ogata, the Head Coach of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

A miniconcert by Ms. Michie Nakamaru was held after the entrance ceremony.

Various clubs and circles keen to recruit new members outside of the venue.

Some clubs and circles were entertaining the new students with their performances.

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