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  • Message from President concerning the Torrential Rain since 6th July 2018

Message from President concerning the Torrential Rain since 6th July 2018

A record torrential rain hit many parts of West and East Japan, causing one landslide-related disaster and flooding of a river after another in many prefectures including Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ehime, which all saw many deaths and missing persons so far.

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the victims of the disaster, and also hope that those still missing will be rescued at the earliest time possible. My deepest sympathy goes to the injured and disaster-stricken, their families, and the parties concerned.

Currently, Hiroshima University is checking the safety and the extent, if any, of damage incurred by each student, faculty & administrative member at the university.

So far, no casualty from Hiroshima University has been reported. However, around the Higashi Hiroshima Campus some roads are being closed because of the landslides and muddy water. On campus, the pedestrian/bicycle path on the east side of Satake Memorial Hall has collapsed ten meters wide.
As many lines of JR (Japan Railways) and the main roads have been cut off here and there, it is expected to take a considerably long time to reconstruct them.

Because of the torrential rain, it has been decided to put off Yukata Festival scheduled on 8th July 2018 after taking into account of the extent of the serious damage to the local people’s life.
For a while, the students and faculty & administrative members at Hiroshima University may experience some inconveniences. I am determined to get peaceful campus life for them as early as possible, standing at the forefront of the university. Let’s get united and overcome this difficult time for the university together.

PS: The University will make an urgent arrangement to all the international students at Hiroshima University, providing them with food including halal food, and water.

Mitsuo Ochi,
President of Hiroshima University