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  • The Second Message from President concerning the Torrential Rain: Special Edition

The Second Message from President concerning the Torrential Rain: Special Edition

Just now, the first crisis-responding meeting has been held in which I ascertained the extent of the damage by the disaster, discussing what measurement should be taken. Following the meeting, I have gone to check the actual damage caused by the disaster on the campus.

Fortunately, there has been no report of any casualties so far, which made me feel relieve a little.

However, at the moment, the City of Higashi Hiroshima where Higashi Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University is located has been cut off from access by railway services (JR Sanyo Line) and by car (Sanyo Express Way). The only available means of access available now is either by using Sanyo Shinkansen (the Bullet train) or using National Route 2 via Kumano Tunnel.

For the latest traffic access updates in the City of Higashi Hiroshima, please check the following website of the City of Higashi Hiroshima, which is available in many languages such as in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean, as the website has automatic online translation services.

Within the land of Higashi Hiroshima campus, we have had some landslides, while the traffic access is being closed for the Boulevard Road, which takes you from JR Saijo Station to the campus. For some time, we might not be able to expect deliveries for fresh food of various kinds.

It has been decided that all the lectures are to be cancelled until Thursday, 12th July 2018. So, any lectures to be commenced from 13th July will be decided by taking into account of the reconstruction processes of public transportation system. The Central Library on the campus is closed today, but you are encouraged to come and use the library tomorrow because we will do our best to open it however short the opening hours may actually be. In addition, we are going to negotiate with the university COOP, requesting them to open the canteen and the shop as much as possible (As for Kasumi Campus and Higashi-Senda Campus, they are closed until today, i.e. 9th July).

Hiroshima University will inform all the members of HU of the current situations concerning the disaster damage as well as its reconstruction process through the website of Hiroshima University and other internet media.

To start with, we shall tackle an urgent food support problems for the international students including those who are vegetarians and Muslims in need of Halal food. We are now in the process of selecting and compiling appropriate food stock to be dispatched to Higashi Hiroshima Campus from the food stock depot at the Hiroshima University Hospital, which should cater the needs for food by the international students above.

From two o’clock in the afternoon today (9th July), we are planning to distribute food including the food that can be consumed by the vegetarians and Muslims to the international students at Hiroshima University. Please note that there will be another food distribution services planned sometime in the evening.

I am determined to get peaceful campus life back for the students, faculty & administrative members of Hiroshima University as early as possible. Let’s get united and overcome this challenging time for the university.

Mitsuo Ochi,
President of Hiroshima University