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  • HU's Actions in Response to the Torrential Rain 2018

HU's Actions in Response to the Torrential Rain 2018

Extent of the Damage

1) Casualties

As of July 9th 2018, the safety confirmation system of the university shows that there has been no report of any casualties of the students, faculty and administrative members at Hiroshima University.

2) Other Damages to the Properties

[Higashi-Hiroshima campus]

  • The basement of the Environmental Research and Management Center, where tanks and a private power generator are installed, was inundated with muddy water, which made the center’s water treatment system inoperative. (Image 1)
  • The side of the pedestrian/bicycle path beside the Central Library and Satake Memorial Hall has partially collapsed. (Image 2)
  • A landslide originated from the hill located at the back of the Hiroshima University Kindergarten has brought a large volume of muddy water to the sidewalk and roadway along the Boulevard that eventually leads to the Higashi-Hiroshima campus. (Image 3)
  • The mountain behind the Gagara Faculty Housing (Building No. 4) had a landslide, and the muddy water has washed through the Gagara Road, running near the Higashi-Hiroshima campus. (Image 4)
  • Muddy water has flowed into the vicinity of the Ikenoue Student Dormitory and Yamanaka Ike (a name of pond). (Image 5)

[Kasumi and Higashi-Senda Campuses]
No damage has been reported so far.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Cancellation and Commencement of Lectures

[Higashi-Hiroshima campus]
All the lectures have been cancelled until Thursday 12th July and are expected to commence from Friday 13th July in which case the lecture schedule on that day is going to be that of Monday, and NOT of Friday.

[Kasumi and Higashi-Senda campuses]
All the lectures will be commenced from Tuesday 10th July.

Things Affecting Students’ Daily Life

  • All the University libraries were closed on July 9th. They will be accessible from July 10th even though the opening hours may be shortened.
  • Sporting Facilities and Shared Facilities for Extracurricular Activities in all the campuses will become accessible from Tuesday 10th July.
  • In the afternoon and evening of 9th July, the following free foods were supplied to around 150 international students of Hiroshima University: 
    - 120 cans of emergency food that were stored in the stock depot of Hiroshima University Hospital 
    - 770 “Momiji-Manju” (small, maple-leaf-shaped sweets) and “Shakushi-Senbei” (rice-spatula-shaped crackers) kindly offered by Yamadaya Co., Ltd.
  • Co-op shops and cafeterias/canteens are open, but there may be some changes in their opening hours. As the distribution of goods has been almost paralyzed, arrival of lunch boxes and bread as well as the availability of some of the food on the menu at the cafeterias/canteens may be affected. From July 10th, halal food becomes available at cafeterias/canteens.
  • Study abroad information sessions, originally planned for July 10th and 11th, are canceled.

Directions to Higashi-Hiroshima campus

  • Sanyo Shinkansen is operated as usual. Bus services between Higashi-hiroshima station and Hiroshima University are back to normal from July 9th.
  • Japan Railway San-yo Line is suspended between Itozaki station and Kaita-ichi station. Bus services from Hiroshima University to JR Saijo station and Hachihonmatsu station are both suspended.
  • Most of flights from and to Hiroshima Airport are operated normally. To access Hiroshima University, taxis and temporary buses are available between Hiroshima Airport and Higashi-hiroshima station.
  • Sanyo Expressway is currently closed between Hongo IC and Kouchi IC. According to NEXCO (West Nippon Expressway Company Limited), “It is expected to take about a week to reopen the expressway between Kouchi IC and Hiroshima IC.”
  • The public highway from Hiroshima is available via Hiroshima Kumano Road or National Highway Higashi-hiroshima Route 2, but heavy congestion is expected.