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  • (Oct 31) The 8th Taoyaka International Workshop

(Oct 31) The 8th Taoyaka International Workshop

The 8th Taoyaka International Workshop will be held as follows.

Everyone is welcome! Japanese and English translation will be provided.

Date and Time

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 12:50-16:00


Large Conference Room,
Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation
Hiroshima University (Higashi-Hiroshima campus)


12:50 Opening Remarks

12:55 "Efforts of community farming in the hill and mountainous area"
Mr. Kosako, ZEN-NOH

13:20 "Efforts to promote tourism in Sera-City"
Mr. Nishihara, Sera-City Tourism Association

13:45 "Challenges and Efforts to Mitigate Problems of Mountainous and Disadvantaged Areas, Case of Kita-Hiroshima"
Dr. Katsunobu Shirakawa, Chief Curator, Natural History Museum of Geihoku

14:15 "Agriculture Development in Sera"
Onsite Project Team 9: Michiaki Inoue, Vu Ha Thu, Su Guandong

15:00 "Agriculture-related Issues and Proposed Technology in Kita-Hiroshima"
Onsite Project Team 11: Chetan Thakur, Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Deepak Kumar, Menoza Shikainnah Glow

15:45 Taoyaka Program
Professor Akimasa Fujiwara

15:55 Closing Remarks

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