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Indian Ambassador Visits Hiroshima University

On April 20th, 2019, Ambassador of India to Tokyo H.E. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma visited the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus of Hiroshima University (HU). During the visit, he met with Executive Vice President for Research Professor Shinichi Tate and faculty members who have been contributing in educational and research relations with Indian universities/institutes. He also had fruitful interaction with robotics laboratory members during this visit. HU faculty members had introduced Hiroshima University and presented about historical relations between HU and Indian Institutes. Professor Akimasa Fujiwara introduced existing ILDP educational program; he also explained student exchange experiences with Indian institutes and joint supervision for expanding academic research in both the countries. Professor Idaku Ishii presented research relations with various CSIR laboratories and planning about participation in the digital innovation project. He explained how HU-CSIR relation started with CSIR-CEERI Pilani in 2014 in terms of various research activities and functional joint lab; how these relations concluded with ‘HU-CSIR one umbrella MoU’ which is applicable for all 38 CSIR labs and establishment of ‘HU-CSIR International Research Hub’. Professor Shinji Kaneko, Professor Kaushik Das, and Dr. Riya C. George have shared their collaboration strategies with Indian institutes, and how they can expand to various educational activities in near future. The Ambassador advised various collaboration policies that can be considered in future to design concrete joint degree programs. He emphasized on how digital innovation program and Hiroshima IT corridor can be beneficial for offering education in HU.

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