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  • [Research] Airborne particles can send our detox systems into overdrive

[Research] Airborne particles can send our detox systems into overdrive

An international team of scientists have observed a previously unclear inflammatory mechanism caused by airborne particles that can worsen asthma symptoms, it has been reported in Toxicological Sciences.

smoggy city

Smoggy cities are full of small particles people breathe in Living in an urban environment can increase the risk of developing particle-based asthma CREDIT: from PhotoAC

As the world gets more and more industrialized, the risk of developing respiratory diseases increases. Very small particles released from industry and vehicle fumes are harmful to our health but exactly how is still unclear. In a collaborative study, researchers in Japan, the US and Germany have uncovered one mechanism that can exaggerate inflammation in response to diesel fumes and worsen symptoms of respiratory diseases.


Full bibliographic information

Journal: Toxicological Sciences
Title: Interleukin 33 expression induced by aryl hydrocarbon receptor in macrophages
Authors:  Yasuhiro Ishihara, Thomas Haarmann-Stemmann, Norman Y Kado, Christoph F A Vogel

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