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  • (2020.3.23) Policy regarding the classes of the 2020 Spring Semester (1st and 2nd term)

(2020.3.23) Policy regarding the classes of the 2020 Spring Semester (1st and 2nd term)

[To the new and current HU students]

In light of the current situation concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Japan, HU is aware that there is a growing concern regarding the start of the 2020 Spring Semester (1st and 2nd term). At HU, the health and safety of our students, faculty and administrative members are our top priority. Therefore, to provide the best learning opportunities and maintain the educational and research activities of the university, several guidance sessions, and classes from April will be implemented as follows.

※Please note that the following schedule may be subject to postponement should there be a drastic change in the circumstances regarding the spread of the coronavirus infections from this point of time onwards. If that were to happen, we would promptly notify them on HU's website.

Guidance for new students

  • A guidance session for new students will be provided at the time and date specified by each School/ Graduate School. The schedule and content of the session may be different from the one described in the “New Student Guide” which was previously distributed to students. Please check the latest information on each School/Graduate School’s website. Regarding the medical examinations, you are kindly asked to check the Health Service Center's webpage.
  • If you have any symptoms such as fever or cough, please refrain from participating in the guidance session or health examinations. Instead, please contact the School/Graduate School of your affiliation.

Regarding classes

  • This year's Spring Semester (1st term) will start on April 8 (Wed) as scheduled.
  • HU will actively promote remote learning and on-demand classes by using the online learning support system (Bb9) and ICT equipment.
  • Regarding in-person classes, HU will maintain a safe learning environment by taking the following measures: hold lectures in larger rooms (according to the number of students), conduct classes every other week to reduce the number of students taking a class at the same time, and also assure the frequent ventilation of classrooms.
  • If you have any symptoms such as fever or cough, please refrain from going to classes/lectures; instead, contact the professor in charge by e-mail (Except when attending online classes). If a student had to be absent from classes, he/she shall be provided with backup measures (i.e. assignments or reports) by HU as the university thinks these constitute unforeseen circumstances, and hence the student in question should not suffer any detrimental treatment by the system.
  • Class details will be announced on Momiji (HU’s student platform). To use Momiji, you will need your student number and password which is provided during the student guidance session.
  • Since changing the class format and preparing online classes might take some time, the class completion for the 1st term may be extended one week (from June 9 (Tue) to June 15 (Mon). The 2nd term will start on June 16 (Tue) and end on August 13 (Thu).

Regarding the Health Examination

  • The latest schedule and general instructions regarding the health examinations will be posted on the Health Service Center’s website. As for new students, please note that the schedule has been changed from the original materials distributed in advance (i.e. "New Student Guide" for undergraduate students and the schedule enclosed in the acceptance letter for graduate students). If you are currently an HU student, please check Momiji for more information.

How to prevent infections

  • Please ensure adequate nutrition and sleep. Check your health status every day (daily temperature, presence of any respiratory symptoms, etc.).
  • You are advised to practice regular hand washing and appropriate coughing etiquette (i.e. always wear a mask).
  • If you have a fever or experience respiratory symptoms, please refrain from coming to the university and rest at home.
  • If you have any of the following symptoms, consult the nearest "Center for Japanese Returnees and Potential Contacts" (Hiroshima Prefecture: Coronavirus Help Desk [Public Health Center])
    A rough guide as to when to seek advice from the help desk:
    (1)Those who have been with cold symptoms or with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, for more than 4 days (the same will apply for those who have had to be on antipyretics or fever-reducing medicine for more than 4 days).
    (2)Those who are with severe drowsiness (malaise) or difficulty in breathing (dyspnea).
  • When attending in-person classes or eating/drinking in the cafeteria, please make sure to keep a distance from other people sitting around you.
  • Avoid being in direct contact with others and talking face-to-face in closed spaces with poor ventilation.

To the new and current HU students who cannot enter Japan

There is a sense of anxiety arising from the fact that many students will not be able to enter or return to Japan in April. HU is currently considering ways to minimize the disadvantages for students in this situation and will respond accordingly. If you have any concerns, please contact the School/Graduate School of your affiliation.

Hiroshima University, Education Promotion Group

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