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  • (2020.4.3) [Important Notice] Regarding the cancellation of extracurricular activities

(2020.4.3) [Important Notice] Regarding the cancellation of extracurricular activities

In light of the situation regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak in Japan, HU is working on several policies to prevent students from getting infected and becoming a source of infection.

On March 24, HU released the “Restrictions on extracurricular activities to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus”, a list of measures which were to remain valid between April 1 and April 19, 2020.  

However, due to the rising number of cases and spread of infection in Japan, HU has come to the decision to suspend all extracurricular activities from April 3 (Fri) until further notice. We strongly urge students to be aware of their role as members of the society and to cooperate in preventing the spread of infection.

Please note that the following response may be subject to further reviews and extended as needed by considering the extent of infection in the future.

Cancellation of extracurricular activities

  • All extracurricular activities shall be canceled from April 3 (Fri).
  • The distribution of flyers, one-day trial events/classes related to extracurricular activities for new students are strictly prohibited inside and outside the university.
  • All facilities for extracurricular activities (indoor and outdoor facilities) will remain closed and cannot be used.
  • Please refrain from organizing large group gatherings.
  • Please refrain from laying on picnic sheets and taking folding chairs to parks if doing cherry blossom viewing (Hanami).
  • Orientation camps must not be held (In any case, it should be postponed)
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