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  • (2020.3.24) Restrictions on extracurricular activities to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus

(2020.3.24) Restrictions on extracurricular activities to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus

All extracurricular activities shall be handled as follows, according to HU's policy regarding the novel coronavirus infections.

Please note that the following measures remain valid from April 1 to April 19, 2020; however, after that date, they may be subject to further reviews and extended as needed by considering the extent of infection in Japan.

Since there is a high chance that you become a source of infection and spread the virus to others, please consider all the measures described below and respond as follows.

Extracurricular activities

  • If you are conducting activities on campus, please make sure to follow all the indications described in the “Policy regarding events hosted by Hiroshima University” and consult with your leader/coach on the subject.
  • Each group/team representative must take a record of all the participant’s temperature every time an activity takes place. They should be able to submit this record whenever the university requests it.
  • The following activities represent a high risk of spreading the infection. Please refrain from organizing them.
    (1) Off-campus camps and expeditions
    (2) Social gatherings such as dinner parties, joint parties, etc.
  • Please do not try to recruit new members (including flyers) (around the Spanish Plaza, in the Kasumi Campus’ store “Viola”, in the lecture rooms, etc.).
  • Do not organize one-day trial events/classes related to extracurricular activities in the university hall, lecture rooms, etc. If you are a new student, please do not participate in this kind of activity. (Except for tours/visits).
  • Do not organize welcome parties. If you are a new student, please do not participate in this kind of activity.
  • Orientation camps must not be held (In any case, it should be postponed)
  • The following facilities cannot be used: The West Gymnasium Training Room and the University Hall Music Appreciation Room.
    ※If HU confirms that any extracurricular activity does not comply with the aforementioned measures, it will be canceled immediately.

About going out

  • Be careful when moving beyond your area of ​​residence, such as when returning home or traveling (including overseas).
  • You are still advised to refrain from going out even if you only have a mild cold with either throat pain, cough or fever.
  • Please refrain from going out if you have any symptoms such as fever.
  • Whether it is on or outside the campus events, or whether it is small- or large-scale events, if the event venue in question is poorly ventilated and at the same time involves the participants coming into close contact with each other for communication or other purposes, please avoid as much as possible participating in the event concerned.
  • Please refrain from organizing a kind of events that fall into the descriptions above.
    ※Events such as on-campus seminars and study sessions may be treated as exceptions, but even then, you should bear in mind the measures/precautions above.

 [Necessary measures when organizing events]

  • Take a record of all participant’s temperature. 
  • Ask the public to rigidly follow coughing etiquette, and remind them of frequent hand washing.
  • Place alcohol disinfectants at multiple locations within the venue.
  • In case of an indoor event, the venue should be regularly ventilated.
  • Try to minimize the likelihood of direct contact with each participant as well as face-to-face communication.
  • Please make sure to make yourself familiar with the necessary actions/steps taken in advance so that you may be well prepared for the future occurrence of the coronavirus infection on the event venue concerned.
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