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  • (2020.4.2) Notice regarding the novel coronavirus confirmed case

(2020.4.2) Notice regarding the novel coronavirus confirmed case

On March 30, 2020, we were informed that one HU student tested positive for the novel coronavirus after returning to Japan from a study abroad program in France. In the following notice, we share the information concerning his whereabouts and health state, as well as HU’s response regarding this case and future measures.

Please note that the student has not been to Hiroshima Prefecture nor in contact with anyone related to HU after returning to Japan. HU sincerely hopes for his immediate recovery.

1. Details concerning the coronavirus confirmed case

  • Japanese male in his 20s, HU student, currently staying in the Kanto area.
  • The student was tested positive for the novel coronavirus through the PCR test.

2. Details concerning the movements of the student

March 29 (Sun)

The student arrives in Japan (Narita International Airport) from France after a study abroad program and reports to the quarantine officer his place of stay and health condition. Then, he travels to his place of stay in the Kanto area by car.

March 30 (Mon) The quarantine officer reports that the PRC test came positive.
April 1 (Wed) The student is admitted to a medical institution following the instructions of the Public Health Center. 
April 2 (Thu) Current hospitalization. The student presents malaise, but no further symptoms.

3.University response

In response to this situation, on April 2, the responsibilities of the "Conference on Measures against Novel Coronavirus Infection" (originally established on February 4 and held a total of eight times) has been transferred to the "HU Task Force for Risk Management" headed by HU’s President. Further on, HU will work closely with related organizations to provide appropriate information, make every possible effort to prevent the spread of infection, and secure the safety of students, faculty, and administrative members.

Department of Public Relations, Deputy Executive Director (Public Relations)

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