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  • (2020.4.20) [Message from President] To those students who are in financial distress

(2020.4.20) [Message from President] To those students who are in financial distress

Following a sharp increase in the number of outbreak cases of the novel coronavirus, Japanese government expanded the declaration of a state of emergency to all 47 prefectures in Japan on 16th April. As President of Hiroshima University (HU), I am very concerned about and my heart bleeds for those students who may have suddenly found themselves in great financial difficulties and cannot properly feed their mouths as a result of losing their part-time jobs. 

I can assure you that HU is committed to think about what it can do to those students in great financial difficulties and is determined to support them as much as possible. Therefore, HU has decided to provide the following emergency support package with those students who are in financial difficulties following sharp drops in their/their family’s income from their part-time jobs/fulltime work etc.

(i)  Please contact ‘Help Desk for all your problems’ at Education Office (please see below for the contact details) immediately if you are home/international students at HU and need emergency financial support because you cannot feed yourself properly due to financial difficulties. HU will decide promptly appropriate amount of emergency support money to be offered to each applicant after evaluating the extent of your financial difficulties.

(ii) HU has a system in place for all the students in which you can discuss any matters with your tutor via telephone or e-mail. If you are new to HU and your access to the internet network is limited, please contact ‘Help Desk for all your problems’ at Education Office. Following your contact, if the Office decides that you require urgent support, we will send someone (either faculty or administrative member of HU) to your current address in Japan.

The following is the contact details of ‘Help Desk for all your problems’ at Education Office:
Opening hours: 8:30-17:15 (from Monday to Friday)
Tel: 082-424-6181 (English/Chinese language line)

Currently, Hiroshima Prefecture is also having very tough going as the total number of the cases of novel coronavirus infections exceeds 130 there. To deal with that situation, the governor of Hiroshima Prefecture announced one detailed measurement after another based on legal grounds: On 18th April, he requested the general public in the prefecture to refrain from non-essential outings; and on 22nd April, he is due to request all the parties concerned to temporarily close down their businesses in the prefecture.
Accordingly, I would like to stand at the forefront together with all the faculty and administrative members of HU so that we can give good support to meet students’ mental as well as material needs.

20th April 2020 (Reiwa 2)
Mitsuo Ochi
President, Hiroshima University