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  • (2021.1.12) Hiroshima University Campus Entry-Restrictions

(2021.1.12) Hiroshima University Campus Entry-Restrictions

[Campus entry-restrictions for non-HU members]

Please contact the university's staff/authorized personnel in advance if you wish to access the campus. However, based on the Japanese government's and Hiroshima Prefecture's policies, visitors from areas subject to the government's state of emergency will not be allowed on campus until February 7. If you wish to enter the campus, please obtain prior permission from the place you will be visiting.

Please refer to the following list of contacts at HU when requesting permission.

[About entrance examinations]

Examinees do not need permission to enter the campus to take entrance examinations. Parents, guardians, or companions are allowed to enter the campus parking lot for drop off and pick up if transportation by car is required. Please note that parking is not available on the Kasumi Campus.

Always wear a facemask while on-campus, and be sure to take the utmost considerations to prevent further spread of the infection while complying with a "new lifestyle." We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Hiroshima University, General Affairs Group

EL: 082-424-6011