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HU’s outstanding performance in the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2020

On April 22, Times Higher Education (THE), a British journal dedicated to providing performance data on higher education, announced the "Impact Rankings 2020", a list that assesses universities against the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). HU ranked in the 1st place in Japan for three items: SDG4 (Quality education), SDG6 (Clean water and sanitation), and SDG11 (Sustainable cities and communities). For the overall scores, HU ranked in 4th place nationwide only after Hokkaido University, The University of Tokyo, and Tohoku University. Now in its second edition, the list evaluated 766 universities worldwide and 63 universities nationwide. 

Other notable results regarding HU's nationwide performance by SDGs include 2nd place in SDG16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions), 3rd place in SDG10 (Reduced inequalities) and SDG12 (Responsible consumption and production), 4th place in SDG3 (Good health and well-being), 5th place in SDG17 (Partnership for the goals), 7th place in SDG9 (Industry innovations and infrastructure), and 9th place in SDG5 (Gender equality).

As for the world ranking, HU was among the top 100 in 5 of the 17 UN SDGs: 20th place in SDG6 (Clean water and sanitation), 52nd place in SDG9 (Industry innovations and infrastructure), 60th place in SDG12 (Responsible consumption and production), 65th place in SDG11 (Sustainable cities and communities), and 98th place in SDG3 (Good health and well-being). 

HU’s Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) contributes to the promotion of SDGs and serves as a resource hub for SDG-related initiatives on campus. NERPS aims to disseminate information related to university-based research and outreach activities related to the SDGs through its website and reports. HU expects to make further contributions in all aspects of research, education, and social contribution towards the achievement of SDGs.

2020 THE Impact Rankings by SDGs

National Ranking World Ranking University Overall Score
1(4) 76(101-200) Hokkaido University 85.3(64.6-75.6)
2(2) 77(52) The University of Tokyo 85.1(83.7)
3(-) 97(-) Tohoku University 83.7(-)
4(14) 101-200(201-300) Hiroshima University 75.4-83.3(53.7-64.5)
4(1) 101-200(48) Kyoto University 75.4-83.3(84.2)
4(-) 101-200(-) Ritsumeikan University 75.4-83.3(-)
4(-) 101-200(-) University of Tsukuba 75.4-83.3(-)
4(-) 101-200(-) Waseda University 75.4-83.3(-)
9(-) 201-300(-) Nagoya University 68.2-75.3(-)
9(4) 201-300(101-200) Nagoya City University 68.2-75.3(64.6-75.6)
9(19) 201-300(301+) Okayama University 68.2-75.3(23.8-53.6)
9(-) 201-300(-) Shinshu University 68.2-75.3(-)
9(4) 201-300(101-200) Yamaguchi University 68.2-75.3(64.6-75.6)

* () Is for 2019

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