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  • (2020.7.31) The HU guidelines for "preventing COVID-19 associated with resumption of extracurricular activities"

(2020.7.31) The HU guidelines for "preventing COVID-19 associated with resumption of extracurricular activities"

In Hiroshima Prefecture, the request for refraining from traffic to and from other areas was lifted on June 19, but we are still being asked to refrain from moving to areas where risk is high. Regarding the resumption of extracurricular activities, considering the country's basic coping policy (after the declaration of an emergency situation is lifted, a certain transition period will be set up, and the socio-economic activity level will be raised step by step while alleviating requests for self-restraint to go out and restrictions on the use of facilities) and requests from Hiroshima Prefecture, we must take the utmost measures to prevent infection.
To do so, we have created guidelines for extracurricular activities at Hiroshima University as follows, so each group that would like to do so should submit the "extracurricular activity plan" created based on the guidelines to the university.
Extracurricular activities can be resumed to the extent that the plan (contents) is approved.
However, in the future, if an infected person is confirmed on campus, permission to resume activities may be suspended.

Basically what to observe

  • Those who are unwell because of symptoms such as temperature, physical condition check, and fever do not participate.
    According to Hiroshima University "Points to note when attending campus, attending classes and research activities", if you have any of these symptoms, contact your tutor or academic supervisor by e-mail, etc. and stay home.
  • Thorough cough etiquette, frequent hand washing, alcohol disinfection, etc.

Content to be observed as extracurricular activities


  • Do not force members who want to refrain from participating in activities
  • For the time being, secure a distance of 2 m or more with others and keep the activity time within 2 hours.
  • Extracurricular activities facilities can be used, but indoor facilities should be well ventilated to avoid crowding (short distance, face-to-face contact, mutual contact, loud vocalization) and long-term use.
  • Wear a mask when you are not engaged in sports such as changing clothes or meetings, or when you have a conversation.
    Reduce the chances of mutual contact and face-to-face conversations among participants (2 meters as much as possible or at least 1 meter)
    However, since it is feared that the risk of heat stroke will increase as the summer becomes hot and humid, we will continue to wear a mask on our campus as a general rule. The mask can be removed only when the distance can be kept at least 2 m or more outdoors.
  • Cleaning facilities and disinfecting tools and instruments
  • Off-campus expeditions (including practice games) and training camps (consultation regarding off-campus activities of volunteer groups) is prohibited
  • Regarding participation in official competitions etc. after permission to resume external activities is as follows 
    In principle, it must be held in the prefecture
    The organizer is taking measures to prevent infection, and the details can be confirmed in advance.  Measures to prevent infection have been taken in the transportation of members
    In principle, one day trip
    ※Please check separately if you want to participate in a higher-level tournament outside the prefecture after passing the qualifying or if you want to participate in a higher-level tournament qualifying held in a district outside the prefecture
  • Prohibition of exchange activities (including practice games) with external groups on campus
  • Prohibition of events involving eating and drinking such as parties
  • Prohibition of loud outbreak, singing and cheering
  • Prohibition of recruitment activities in the Spanish Plaza and around Viola at Kasumi
    However, it is allowed if you pay attention of “Three Cs” to the activity of observing club activities
  • Members should confirm and share the response when the symptoms of suspected COVID-19 are confirmed in the group. In case of onset, be sure to report to the person in charge
  • In addition to the above, be sure to implement the necessary measures to prevent infection according to the characteristics of each club/circle activity.
  • Be sure to check and comply with the guidelines, etc. issued by the competition groups for each type of eye.

If the university confirms that the above "contents to be observed" are not followed, immediately cancel the activity permit to that group.

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