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  • (2021.9.6) [To students] Classes for the second semester (October onwards)

(2021.9.6) [To students] Classes for the second semester (October onwards)

Executive Vice President (Education), Hiroshima University

Due to the spread of the COVID-19, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency for Hiroshima Prefecture. The state of emergency will last until September 12, but the situation is still unpredictable.

In line with these measures, HU raised its Activity Restriction Index to Level 2 (Exercise caution, partial restrictions) from August 27. "In Level 2," classes are conducted online in principle, but if the dean of the school / graduate school decide that the educational effect of a class cannot be achieved without face-to-face interaction during the summer vacation, the class will be conducted face-to-face after thorough infection prevention measures are taken.

We will keep a careful eye on the infection situation and consider the policy for future actions, but there is a possibility that " Level 2" will have to be continued. On the other hand, 93.4% of the faculty/staff and 73.4% of the students at HU have completed the second round of vaccinations. In light of this, at the current stage, we are considering expanding face-to-face classes as much as possible in the second semester (October onward), while continuing to take thorough infection prevention measures.

Many students may be away from Hiroshima Prefecture due to returning home. Classes for the second semester begin on Monday, October 4, so please move back to Hiroshima as early as possible (two weeks in advance if possible) so that you will be ready to commute to campus. And please take care of yourself and prepare for the face-to-face classes.

We hope that all of you, as members of HU, will be mindful of infection prevention not only in your classes but also in your daily lives, and act with consideration in all situations so as not to be infected and not to infect others.


* The above schedule may be changed depending on the status of COVID-19 in the future. If there are any changes, we will notify you promptly on our website and "MOMIJI".


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