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HU ranks 8th in Japan Caring University Rankings 2021

Hiroshima University ranks 8th among Japanese universities in the UNIV PRESS' Caring University Rankings 2021 (面倒見が良い大学). It also places 2nd among national universities.

This ranking is based on the results of a survey of career counselors at 2,000 preparatory schools nationwide, asking them to recommend universities. Counselors from 739 schools responded to the questionnaire and listed their five "caring universities" that they deem to be good at taking care of students. The universities were scored by assigning points of five to one, with five being the highest.

In the 2021 Caring University Rankings, HU scored 37 points (8th in Japan) — a significant increase from last year's 13 points (65th in Japan).


Caring University Rankings 2021 top 10 (according to UNIV PRESS)

Ranking Classification University Location Score
1 Private Kanazawa Institute of Technology Ishikawa 205
2 Private Musashi University Tokyo 133
3 National Tohoku University Miyagi 92
4 Private Fukuoka Institute of Technology Fukuoka 76
5 Private Sanno University Tokyo 55
6 Private Meiji University Tokyo 49
7 Private Tokyo University of Science Tokyo 48
8 National Hiroshima University Hiroshima 37
9 Public Akita International University Akita 35
10 Private International Christian University Tokyo 32

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