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  • (2021.12.27) Message from President for HU students, faculty and staff

(2021.12.27) Message from President for HU students, faculty and staff

Towards the realization of a discrimination/ prejudice-free campus & international society

I have received a report entitled “The Study Group on Inappropriate Postings such as Twitter and other SNS media”, which has been compiled by HU Group members and experts from outside the university, who have examined comprehensively: i) the current situation regarding expressions that promote discrimination and prejudice against foreigners and minorities in the context of the University’s responsibilities, ii) academic freedom and freedom of speech in relation to the responsibilities of HU faculty and administrative members.

Through this comprehensive review, it became clear that the University’s policies and initiatives had not been sufficiently disseminated to its members. Therefore, the University intends to clarify the various basic rules and behavioral guidelines--- having been established separately in the past--- as the HU Charter and Code of Conduct respectively. In accordance with the Charter and the Code, the faculty/administrative members and students will sincerely make ongoing efforts towards realizing a discrimination/prejudice-free campus and society.

With the world becoming increasingly more international and diverse, HU intends to play a leading role in building a society free from discrimination and prejudice by improving the quality of its faculty and administrative members as well as educating students so that they acquire a new awareness of norms and multicultural understanding.

A symposium is to be held before the end of this academic year, and the preparations are on their way so that: i) everyone inside and outside HU understands the University’s commitment to discrimination/prejudice-free campus and society; ii) the symposium serves as a good opportunity for HU faculty/administrative members and students to reaffirm the University’s afore-mentioned commitment.

27th December 2021 (Reiwa)
Mitsuo Ochi
President, Hiroshima University