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  • Regarding the 2021 Hiroshima University Commencement Ceremony (Graduation Ceremony)

Regarding the 2021 Hiroshima University Commencement Ceremony (Graduation Ceremony)

※ Page updated (January 17, 2022)

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Hiroshima University Commencement Ceremony will be held as follows. 

Date and Time:
March 23, 2022 (Wed) from 11 a.m.

Higashi-Hiroshima Sports Park Gymnasium
(67-1 Taguchi, Saijo-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City)
*Click here for a map of the area.

Only graduating students (Parents and guardians are kindly requested to refrain from visiting the venue)

University Representatives:
University Officers, Senior Vice President, Vice President (Student Support)

Event Schedule:

  • Opening remarks
  • Playing of the national anthem
  • Conferment of diplomas and academic degrees
  • Ceremonial address by the HU's President
  • Farewell address by a representative of the enrolled students
  • Acknowledgments by graduates and students who have completed their major courses
  • Acknowledgments by recipients of master's, professional and doctoral degrees
  • Acknowledgments by international students
  • Student awards
  • Playing of the Hiroshima University Song
  • Closing remarks


  • Please refrain from coming to the venue if you are not a participant.
  • The ceremony will be broadcast live on YouTube.
  • You will need your student ID card to enter the venue.
  • To graduating students:
    • Bachelor's degree, master's degree, or professional degree
      Degrees will be conferred by each faculty and graduate school. For details, please refer to the notices from the support office.
    • Doctoral degree
      Degrees will be conferred by HU's President at the same venue after the ceremony.


1.About coming to the Higashi-Hiroshima Sports Park

●The parking area at the Higashi-Hiroshima Sports Park is limited (approx. 900 spots).
● Click here to view the location of the temporary parking space and the temporary bus stop in the Higashi-Hiroshima campus.
● Special bus services will also be available from JR Saijo Station and Shinkansen Higashi-Hiroshima Station to the Higashi-Hiroshima Sports Park (requires a fee).
(* The timetable for the additional bus services will be posted on HU's website around mid-March.)

  ① From Higashi-Hiroshima Campus ② From JR Saijo Station ③ From Higashi-Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen)
Schedule of the Additional Bus Services

Boarding from Daigaku-Kaikan Mae.
Service starts at 9:00 a.m.

Boarding from Saijo-Ekimae.
Service starts at 9:30 a.m.

Boarding from Higashi-Hiroshima-Ekimae.
Service starts at 8:00 a.m.

Time Required About 10-30 minutes
*Travel time will depend on traffic conditions.   
About 30 minutes About 10 minutes
Fare Free (nonstop to the venue) 380 yen (nonstop to the venue) 200 yen
From Hiroshima City
(As a reference)
JR Hiroshima Station →  JR Saijo Station (Local) Journey time: About 35 minutes
Fare: 590 yen
JR Saijo Station → Daigaku-Kaikan Mae (Bus Stop on the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus) Journey time: About 20 minutes
Fare: 290 yen

* From one hour before the opening ceremony, the Sports Park will become very busy and the roads around the venue will be congested. In particular, it will take time to board the bus at ① Daigaku-Kaikan Mae bus stop due to congestion (it may take more than 30 minutes to board the bus), so please arrive well in advance. 

* After the ceremony (around 12:00 p.m.), return bus services will be provided from the venue. Buses to ① and ② will be available at any time, and a single service to ③ will depart around 12:30 p.m. (tentative).

2. Notice on countermeasures against COVID-19 infections

  • To Graduating Students
    • Please refrain from tossing other people in the air (Dōage) or other activities that involve close body contact. 
    • If you have a fever or any other other cold symptoms, please refrain from coming to the ceremony or the campus.
    • Please wear a face mask and take appropriate measures to prevent infection when coming to the ceremony venue and the campus.
  • To the Family Members and HU Students
    • We kindly request you to refrain from coming to the Higashi-Hiroshima Sports Park

* If there is any significant change in the infection status in the future, the method of holding the event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


Hiroshima University, General Affairs Group

E-mail: soumu*office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp (Please replace * with @)