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  • (2022.2.9) [To students] Actions to Prevent Infections during the holidays at the end of the academic year

(2022.2.9) [To students] Actions to Prevent Infections during the holidays at the end of the academic year

Executive Vice President (Education), Hiroshima University

The final exam period for 4th term ended on February 8 (Tue). According to the academic calendar, we have completed all the classes for this school year.

Although the situation is still unpredictable, the fact that we have been able to conduct classes without stopping "learning" is due to the daily efforts of each and every one of you, for which I am deeply grateful. For those of you who are currently recuperating at home or elsewhere, I hope that you will recover from your symptoms as soon as possible.

Some of you may be returning home as you approach the holidays at the end of the academic year from February 9 (Wed). We would like you to relax both physically and mentally during the holidays and restore your energy for the new academic year.

On the other hand, the "Priority Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Disease" for Hiroshima Prefecture are still in effect, and the prefecture's centralized measures also call for a reduction in going out, prevention of infection in restaurants, and refraining from traveling to other areas. Please continue to take thorough measures to prevent infection in your daily lives. In cooperation with Higashi-Hiroshima City, HU will provide vaccinations for students, faculty and staff from March 1 (Tue). Reservations have already been made (available until February 20 (Sun)), so if you wish to receive the vaccine, please check the details on HU website (https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/news/69031) or in "MOMIJI" and make a reservation.

It may be time to plan graduation trips, farewell parties, and thank-you parties. However, the first priority is to "not get infected" and "not let others get infected," so please refrain from taking any actions that may increase the risk of spreading the infection, such as traveling or having dinner together with a large number of people. Please think about your social responsibility as a student once again and act appropriately.

I also hope that you will have a meaningful holiday period, taking good care of your health.

Domestic movement

The policy regarding domestic movement will be reviewed at any time depending on the infection situation and the response of the government and Hiroshima Prefecture, so please check the "MOMIJI-Top" before taking any action.

* About domestic movement (MOMIJI-Top)

In case of illness

If you have any of the following symptoms: a fever (37.5 degrees or higher, or 1 degree higher than normal), malaise, cough, suffocation, sore throat, headache, or abnormal sense of taste/smell, immediately consult with your doctor or other medical institution or consultation center (health center).

In addition, if you or someone living with you is ill, please check the Health Service Center's website for information on how to handle the situation and take appropriate action.

* COVID-19 and Health Management (Health Service Center website)

* Implementing PCR Tests for Students, Faculty and Staff (MOMIJI-Top)
- Information about on-campus PCR test and "the Hiroshima Prefecture PCR Center" on the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

* If you are worried about infection of COVID-19, you can take a PCR test or Qualitative Antigen Test for free. (HU website)
- Information about registered pharmacies in the Hiroshima Prefecture offering qualitative antigen test

If you are judged to be an infected person or a close contact

If you are diagnosed as infected at a medical institution or become a close contact, please follow the instructions in the URL above. Also, please report using the form below.

* Registration related to novel coronavirus infection (Health Service Center website)

Taking classes in the new academic year

We will inform you about classes after April, but we are considering the possibility of conducting classes face-to-face in principle, while continuing to take thorough measures to prevent infection.

Depending on the infection situation, we may ask those who are returning home to return to Hiroshima Prefecture as soon as possible in preparation for face-to-face lessons. Please pay attention to the information on "MOMIJI" and HU website.


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