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  • (2022.3.8) [To newly enrolled students] Participation in the Entrance Ceremony

(2022.3.8) [To newly enrolled students] Participation in the Entrance Ceremony

Executive Vice President (Education), Hiroshima University

Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted to Hiroshima University. It must have been very difficult for you to study for the entrance examinations, but we are sure you and your families are very happy that your efforts have borne fruit. As a university, we welcome you and will do our utmost to enrich your university life starting in April.

The entrance ceremony scheduled to be held on April 3 (Sun) and the guidance for new students to be held at each school from April 4 (Mon) are very important events to start university life, so by all means I would like you to participate. On the other hand, the spread of the COVID-19 continues to be unpredictable. As a university, we will take sufficient measures to prevent infection, but we would like to ask all those who are planning to enroll in the university to thoroughly implement the following points.

  • Please observe your health such as fever and thoroughly manage your health until the ceremony day.
  • If you have a cold symptom such as fever or fatigue on the day of the event, do not attend the ceremony and immediately consult with your local medical institution or consultation center (health center).
  • Be sure to wear a mask while moving to or around the venue.
  • Please refrain from contact and conversation with others as much as possible.
  • Every time you enter or leave the venue, be sure to disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfectant installed in the surrounding area.
  • After the ceremony, please move from the venue promptly to avoid congestion.

These measures are basic things that you should be aware of in your daily life, including the classes that are about to begin. As a "Hiroshima University student," I hope that each and every one of you will act with an awareness of "Do not get infected" and a compassion of "Do not infect others".


Hiroshima University, Education Promotion Group
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