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  • Enjoy the Taste of Hiroshima! – HU holds Cultural Exchange Event for the first time in four years

Enjoy the Taste of Hiroshima! – HU holds Cultural Exchange Event for the first time in four years

On May 29th, 2023, Hiroshima University (HU) held a cultural exchange event at the multipurpose space in the HU Phoenix International Center MIRAI CREA with the cooperation of companies and organizations in the prefecture.

This event was initiated in 2016 to provide an opportunity for international students, faculty, and staff from various cultural backgrounds to eat, drink, and socialize together. After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19 pandemic, this was the fifth time the event was held, and approximately 170 students, faculty, and staff participated, deepening mutual exchange through food and drink.

In addition to refreshments, the event featured freshly baked okonomiyaki, halal and vegetarian, served on authentic griddles and other equipment provided by General Incorporated Foundation Oconomiyaki Academy.

In addition, Yamadaya Co., Ltd. provided us with "momiji-manju” (a maple-leaf-shaped bun with bean-jam filling) which have already obtained Halal certification (a certification by a Halal certification organization that a product has been prepared and manufactured in accordance with Islamic precepts), and Chugoku Sangyo Co., Ltd. provided us with drinking water thanks to their support of the event's objectives.

In his opening remarks, President Mitsuo Ochi commented, "I hope that everyone who has not had the opportunity to eat Hiroshima's famous food because of the ingredients will take this opportunity to enjoy Hiroshima's soul food. I also hope that through this event, you will be able to deepen your cross-cultural exchange and understanding of each other’s cultures." International students who participated in the event said, "I enjoyed the event because we did not have such an event due to COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to lead a fulfilling student life by interacting with various people."

Opening remarks by President Mitsuo Ochi

Oconomiyaki booth attracting participants

Participants enjoyed interaction through eating and drinking

"momiji-manju” in their hands


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