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  • Cherry blossoms have started blooming in the Higashi Hiroshima campus!

Cherry blossoms have started blooming in the Higashi Hiroshima campus!

Okame (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)

The Higashi-Hiroshima campus spans approximately 250 hectares, making it the third largest among national universities in Japan. As of 2024, there are around 1,300 cherry trees of 76 varieties on the campus, a sight that brings joy to students, faculty, staff, and visitors every spring.

While initial forecasts anticipated an early bloom due to warmer temperatures, unexpected snowfall in Hiroshima brought cooler conditions, aligning the blooming period more closely with typical years.

Currently, near the west parking area #2, various cherry blossom varieties are in bloom, including Yaekanhi-zakura, Okame, and Shiki-zakura, the latter of which blooms twice annually. These blossoms, with their pale pink petals, mark the arrival of spring. Visitors near IDEC (formerly the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation) can enjoy early-blooming cherry blossoms like Shuzenji-kan-zakura, Kawazu-zakura, and Ohkan-zakura.

In addition, Shinami-zakura near the Higashi-Hiroshima Botanical Garden (formerly the Plant Management Office), Ichihara-toranowo near IDEC, and the Yamazakura at the School of Education have all begun to bloom, alongside Accolade and Fuyuzakura, which bloom twice a year, totaling to 20 blooming varieties. While Somei-yoshino is blossoming right now, we hope that the upcoming entrance ceremony will be graced with good weather, adorning the campus with beautiful cherry blossoms and other flowers.

The “Hiroshima University Cherry Blossom Mandala,” found on the Hiroshima University Digital Museum website, offers insights into the annual blooming of the campus cherry trees. Each year's display is meticulously documented featuring photographs taken by staff and student volunteers from the Higashi-Hiroshima Botanical Garden and the Hiroshima University Museum.

Shiki-zakura (near the West Library)

Kawazu-zakura (near IDEC's parking area)


Meet "Hirog," the official mascot of the Hiroshima University Museum. The name combines "Hiro" from Hiroshima University” with "frog." 

Hirog diligently operates within the Hiroshima University Museum, situated on the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus of Hiroshima University, ensuring a delightful experience for all visitors!


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