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  • Hiroshima University hosts sponsored baseball game, Carp triumph 2-0!

Hiroshima University hosts sponsored baseball game, Carp triumph 2-0!

Hiroshima University (HU) celebrated its 75+75th anniversary by sponsoring local baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp in a game against the Yomiuri Giants on May 17, 2024. The event was titled “Hiroshima University 75+75th Anniversary: Together with Hiroshima! Phoenix Night.”

Around 250 HU students, faculty and staff, who won tickets from a highly competitive draw, attended the game wearing matching HU original T-shirts. Among them were 20 pediatric patients from the University Hospital and their families, accompanied by doctors.

Before the match, about 20 students participated in a pre-game tour. Various events were held at the stadium, including a promotional booth, a presentation ceremony, the first pitch ceremony, the national anthem, and a CC Dance (Carp Cheer Dance) performance. Assistant Professor Haruna Katayama from the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, who was named one of the “Top 100 Asian Scientists” in 2023, threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Assistant Professor Haruna Katayama's dedicated pitch

Shining jersey number 150th

Maika Kubo from the School of Law and Yui Monden from the School of Education, who observed the pre-game practice, expressed their expectations, saying, “We were impressed by Suekane's batting practice! We look forward to watching him in the game.”

Meanwhile, Ping-Hsien Chou, from the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering and originally from Taiwan, said, “I've become more interested in professional baseball! I have friends who are baseball fans in Taiwan, so I'd like to watch matches with them and enjoy it together.”

Maika and Yui with Carp jerseys

Ping-Hsien watching the players practice

Two students presented commemorative gifts to representatives of both teams. The gifts were campus illustrations titled “Exploring Wonderland” by artist Hirofumi Kamigaki. 

“I told the players we’re cheering for them. The opposing players were really tall, maybe about 2 meters!” said Aoi Oguni from the School of Engineering, who met the players up close.

During the national anthem, 10 members of the “Hirodai Opera*,” led by Professor Ai Oonouchi from the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, filled the stadium with their voices.

Baseball players are indeed tall

Everyone lined up before the national anthem

For the ceremonial first pitch, Assistant Professor Katayama gave it her all with a big windup and a powerful throw. Though it bounced once, it landed safely in the catcher's mitt. Smiling, she said, “I was very nervous, but it was a great experience.”

The promotional booth featured the “75+75 Hiroshima University History Exhibition,” showcasing photos of the university's predecessor schools and its evolution. Professor Yuichi Kurita from the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering introduced a mobile app for exercise support, and a healthy exercise demonstration. The university's mascot, Hiroty, was also a hit, with many fans taking photos.

An alumnus visiting the booth reminisced about his university life. “I used to attend the School of Engineering before it moved to Higashi-Hiroshima,” he fondly recalled.

At the PR booth

The hugely popular Hiroty

A two-shot with "Miss Iwakuni" from the neighboring booth

The team behind HU's PR booth

After the fifth inning, about 10 students performed the CC Dance to support the local team.

CC Dance time! 

Everyone wearing matching HU original T-shirts

 HU's original commercial was also displayed on the stadium's big screen.

HU's commercial

Fans arriving at the stadium

The game, broadcast on Hiroshima TV, saw the Carp triumph with a 2-0 victory. Thanks to everyone who came to the stadium and those who supported from home. Hiroshima University and the beloved Hiroshima Toyo Carp continue to invigorate the community as the university celebrates its 75+75th anniversary.

*“Hirodai Opera” is a general term for the students and faculty specializing in opera training at the School of Education’s Music Culture Education program. 

Hiroshima University's 75+75th Anniversary Website (in Japanese)

The year 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of HU's foundation and 150 years since the founding of its oldest predecessor school.


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