About HU

Assistant to the President, Executive Advisors to the President, Special Assistants to the President, and Deputy Executive Directors

As of April 1, 2023

Assistant to the President

TAKEUCHI Tetsuhiro

Executive Advisor to the President

DOHI Hiroo (Alumni Association/Funding*)

Deputy Executive Directors

HAYASHI Mitsuo (Educational Planning)

YUI Yoshimichi (Attached Schools)


SAKODA Kumiko (Japanese-Language Education)

KAWAI Norimune (Campus Globalization)

KOIKE Kazuhiko (International Exchange)

SAKAGUCHI Takemasa (Overseas Bases)

ADACHI Nobuo (Research Planning)

KUSAHARA Kazuhiko (Research Ethics)

OKUBO Takaaki (Academia-Government-Industry Collaboration)

IMADA Kentaro (Legal Affairs)

YAMAKAWA Kazuyoshi (Personnel Systems)

NANBA Hirotaka (Communications)


* Please note that the names marked with an asterisk (*) are not the official translations and are provided for reference purposes only. These names are subject to updates in the future.