About HU

Special Advisors, Academic Advisors

As of January 1, 2021

Special Advisors

FUWA Toru 

TOYAMA Kazuhiko (Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. Group Chairman)

ARIMOTO Tateo (Principal Fellow, Center for Research and Development Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency/Visiting Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

KUROKAWA Kiyoshi (Professor Emeritus, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

Ginandjar KARTASASMITA (Executive Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross Society, Former Coordinating Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry of Indonesia)

Academic Advisors

OHTAKI Yoshihiro (President and CEO, BioFrontier Partners, Inc.)

ISHIKAWA Masatoshi (Specially-appointed Professor, Information Technology Center, Data Science Research Division, The University of Tokyo)

YAMAGIWA Juichi (Former President of Kyoto University)

ISOGAI Keisuke (Former Director General of the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Visiting Professor, Chubu University)