Frequently asked questions about your laptop

Q1 Which should I purchase Windows or Mac?

Please refer "Required Specifications of the Laptop Computer that You Prepare Before Enrollment".

Q2 Can I use a software keyboard?

No. Please prepare hardware keyboard equipped laptop.
For report writing, hardware keyboard seems to be more operable.

Q3 Should battery life be more than eight hours?

Please consider it as a guide. Because there are not so many places where you can charge your laptop inside the university, please charge it fully at home and bring it.

Q4 I already have a PC, but should I buy a new one?

If you have a PC that meets the requirements of Q1, you do not need to purchase a new one.

Q5 I already have a PC so I will not buy it at the time of enrollment. Can I purchase it when I want a co-op original PC after enrolling?

Please ask it to Co-op as it depends on situation.
Hiroshima University Co-op Support Center for freshman
TEL 0800-200-7930 (Weekday 10: 00-17: 00)

Q6 I already have a PC, but is it okay with the OS as it is?

It’s OK if it is under support.
Please note that Windows 10 will reach end of support on October 14, 2025.
The support period of Windows 11 and macOS are not clear. Please refer to the following page.

Q7 Because Microsoft Office is provided by the university, I would like to purchase my favorite laptop without bundled Office software. Is it OK?

Yes. Because we provide Office free of charge, you can buy a computer without Office in a mass merchandiser etc and install Office after enrollment.
Please refer to the following page and install Office and antivirus software by yourself.

Q8 Does the co-op original computer have Office?

No, it is not included. You will install it at the initial lecture.

Q9 Can I install antivirus software and Office outside of campus?

It is possible outside the university also. However, it becomes possible after the entrance ceremony as student ID and password are necessary.

Q10 I heard that Microsoft Office and antivirus software are provided free of charge by the university. Is it difficult to install them?

The installation procedure is posted on the download site below;
But installation may be difficult for people who are not familiar with personal computers.
At the initial lecture, installation will be conducted under instructor's guidance.

Q11 Where is Wi-Fi available at the university?

Please refer to the "List of HINET Wi-Fi (information outlet) installation locations" page below.

Q12 In which classrooms can I use Wi-Fi?

Please refer to "List of all access points (PDF)" on the following page.

Q13 I do not understand how to set up a PC for using the Internet at home or on campus.

For details on setting up your home Internet environment, please contact the contracting provider.
Please refer to the following page for the procedure of using HINET Wi-Fi.

Q14 Do you deal with me when I have trouble with my computer?

For the services provided by the university, please contact the Information Media Center.
If you purchased co-op original PC, they will accept inquiries at co-op.
On the Higashi-hiroshima campus, there is a contact for PC counter in the West 2 Co-op shop.
Also at Kasumi Campus, full-time staff is stationed at Kasumi Co-op Shop.
In case of malfunction of PC purchased outside co-op, please consult the place where you bought a PC.

Q15 I use a PC in class, but I forgot my PC. What should I do?

Co-op are implementing short-term rental service. The rental period is 1 day and the fee is 1000 yen including tax.
The purchaser of the co-op original personal computer can borrow it for free.
For more informations, please refer to the page of Co-op. only)

Q16 I will present with a PC in a class, do you have any adapters?

Adapters will be needed on connecting a PC to a projector.
Please ask the professor about the availability of adapters.

For other, Wi-Fi, charge environment, please see the following page.

Frequently asked questions about using Wi-Fi in the classroom and charging environment: Use of personal computer(Japanese only)