About a Laptop as a Requisite Tool



From Academic Year 2015, every student at Hiroshima University is required to have and use a laptop computer in their academic activities.
You will use your laptop computer in classes of “Daigaku Kyoiku Nyumon (i.e. Introductory course)” and other IT-related classes. You will also use a computer and the Internet on a number of occasions, including when writing lecture reports and papers.

Administrative procedures such as registration for classes and viewing your grades and credits, communication from teachers and the administrative office, etc. are made via the student information website MOMIJI (https://momiji.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/). Computers are often used in classes. You must bring your laptop computer to some classes when instructed to do so by your teachers. Therefore, you must obtain a laptop computer before the first school term starts.

News release document (Japanese Only)


  • Continuously producing people with ability to make the best use of information and communication technology in advanced information-oriented society.
  • Extending educational power with the advanced EdTech.
  • Promoting paperless distribution and submission of educational materials.


We promote the following measures.

  • Increasing the number of courses that Student PC.
  • Improving campus environment for Student PC including Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Lending a laptop for a long term to students who don't have Student PC for economic reasons

In addition, Hiroshima University has a comprehensive license agreement with Microsoft. Under this license, students of HU may install anti-virus software and applications software (Microsoft Office) without any charge.

Contens To the students who enrolled in Hiroshima University in 2019

Required Specifications of a Laptop that You Prepare Before Enrollment

  1. Software specifications:
    • OS must be either Windows or macOS, and be within the support expiration date at the time of enrollment.
    • The following applications should operate lightly.
      The latest version of Microsoft Office, antivirus software
  2. Hardware specifications:
    • Having a wireless LAN (5 GHz band compatible (IEEE802.11a or IEEE802.11ac is included in the corresponding standard)).
    • Operable for more than 8 hours by battery.

  If you already have a laptop computer meeting these specifications, you may use it. You do not need to get a new one.

Please note that students who will enroll in the following schools/departments has more requirements:

 ○ School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Department of Integrated Global Studies,
  OS in Japanese or English. OS in other languages, such as Chinese, are not acceptable.

 ○ School of Education, Cluster II, Program in Technology and Information Education,
  Windows is a requisite OS.
  If your computer runs on Mac OS, install Windows after enrolling at the university.*
  Login user name should be alphanumeric.

 ○ School of Education, Cluster V, Program in Psychology; School of Engineering Cluster I and Cluster II
  Windows is necessary in some classes. If your computer runs on Mac OS, install Windows after enrolling at the university.*

 ○ School of Informatics and Data Science
  Windows 10 is the requisite OS.

 ○ School of Medicine, Department of Medicine
  Highly accurate touch pen (Stylus pen) with electromagnetic / electrostatic type can be used, and be able to bring it with your PC.

*Since Hiroshima University has a comprehensive license agreement with Microsoft, students can install Windows OS on a computer running on Mac OS for free after enrolling at the university.
(Note) The same contract content will not be the same after the next fiscal year, because the contract contents are reviewed every year.


[Important]If it is difficult for you to obtain a laptop computer due to financial difficulty:

A student who is eligible to apply for exemption or deferment of the enrollment fee payment may borrow a laptop computer from HU for free for one year.

If you wish to borrow a laptop computer from HU, apply for free rental of a laptop computer when you submit an application for exemption or deferment of the enrollment fee payment.


Startup Workshop for Your Laptop (required for all students)

Freshman must attend “Startup Workshop for Your Laptop”. In the workshop, you will learn how to access to campus wireless LAN, log in to the student information website MOMIJI, install and confirm the installation of anti-virus software, and other matters, so that you can use your laptop  as soon as you start your campus life.

  • If you purchase a computer from the Hiroshima University Student Co-op,
    you do not need to apply to participate in the workshop.
  • Students who already have a computer or who will purchase one from another vendor must apply to participate in the workshop from here.

See the attached “2019 Schedule for Startup Workshop for Your Laptop”(PDF)

If you can not attend any lectures on the schedule table, please submit "Laptop checklist" by April 12.

Please run through the checklist on the virtual learning environment “Bb9.” To login “Bb9,” you need HIRODAI ID and password those are available after enrolling university.
Virtual Learning Environment "Bb9"
After login to Bb9, you can find a course “Laptop Checklist 2019.” Click to begin.

 The items of the checklist is as followings.

  1. Check the OS, Windows or Mac, and its edition.
  2. Check whether the OS runs on 32 or 64 bits.
  3. Check the battery life.
  4. Check if you can use the Internet via Hiroshima University Wi-Fi (SSID is HU-CUPxx) with your IMC account name and password.
  5. Check if your OS is ready for automatic update.
  6. Check if anti-virus software, not a trial version, is available.
  7. Check if your anti-virus software is ready for automatic update.
  8. Check if you have finished full scan on your laptop.
  9. Check if Microsoft Office, that is, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available.
  10. Check if you can login to Office365 mail service with your default HIRODAI mail address and password.
  11. Check if you can login to MOMIJI, the student information service, with your HIRODAI ID and password. 
  12. Check if you can login to Bb9, a learning management system, and download learning material PDF files with your HIRODAI ID and password.


the Student Co-op computer

Hiroshima University Co-op sells the original PC for freshmen.
Co-op provides options for necessary softwares and property insurance covering 4 years of college life.

For more information,please refer to Hiroshima University Cooperative's website.(Japanese only)


Free Provision of Essential Software

Students of Hiroshima University can install anti-virus software and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) for free.
For more information, click “Current Students and Guardians” > "MOMIJI" on the Hiroshima University Web site, and refer to "Campus Life Information” >“Campus License Software and Infomation Security Policy.”


F3S Workshop

Information media center holds F3S (First Three Steps) workshop for better use of your laptop.
Various subjects are offered on the F3S workshops, in order that students would have useful PC skills for better campus life. If you find interesting subject, join it.

For more information,check F3S workshop website.(Japanese only)


Wi-Fi access points

HINET Wi-Fi (sharing Wi-Fi in Hiroshima University) is available in the library, lecture rooms, the cafeterias, and other welfare facilities.

For more information, look for HINET Wi-Fi page on IMC web site.(Japanese only)


Short term PC lending service

Coping with cases that students’ laptops are under repairing or students forget to bring laptops, the Hiroshima University Co-op offers rental service in a short term for a fee.

For more information, please check here.(Japanese only)


For more information

“Guidance Regarding Laptop Computers as a Requisite Tool” to freshmen and their guardian in 2018.

For other information, please refer to the following pages also.
 "Frequently asked questions about the personal computers"
 Frequently asked questions about using Wi-Fi in the classroom and charging environment: Use of personal computer(Japanese only)


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