Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program operated by CSC

Hiroshima University accepts international students sponsored by the Chinese Government through the China Scholarship Council (CSC) subject to the terms and conditions as provided below.

Who can apply
(1)Doctoral students
Students who wish to enter Hiroshima University's doctoral programs for the purpose of obtaining a doctoral degree.
(2)Special research students
Students who conduct research without seeking a doctoral degree at Hiroshima University.

CSC scholarship recipient candidates are asked to contact a graduate school or academic advisor of their choice as soon as possible. The acceptance of applications will be closed once all the places are taken.

As for applicants in Japan, please consult with your academic advisor and office of the graduate school.

For those candidates who were not offered a scholarship this time around but wish to enroll as a privately-funded international student, please contact the office of the graduate school of your choice.

For Hiroshima University’s teaching staff, please consult the following page:

If there is no personal e-mail address for the teacher of your choice, don’t hesitate to contact the office of his/her graduate school.

* For the application guidelines and details of each graduate school click here:

Program Information

Graduate School Major Program
Humanities and Social Sciences Humanities and Social Sciences Humanities, Psychology, Law and Politics, Economics, Management Sciences, International Peace and Co-existence, International Economic Development, Integrated Arts and Human Sciences
Educational Sciences Educational Design for Teacher Educators, Educational Studies, Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, International Education Development
Advanced Science and Engineering Advanced Science and Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Basic Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Systems and Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation and Environmental Systems, Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Informatics and Data Science, Smart Innovation, Quantum Matter, Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering(Environmental and Natural Sciences), Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering(Development Science Field)
Integrated Sciences for Life Integrated Science for Life Basic Biology, Mathematical and Life Sciences, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Food and AgriLife Science, Bioresource Science, Life and Environmental Sciences
Innovation and Practice for Smart Society    


For details, please refer to the CSC website.