Our Center’s Missions and Purposes

●Introducing Japan and Japanese Culture

At our center, we provide information and materials regarding Japan, and studying abroad in Japan, for researchers and students in China who may be interested in studying abroad. We also act as a hub for communicating information from Japan. The center has a tea ceremony room, and is also used to showcase traditional Japanese culture.

●Supporting HU Students Studying Abroad

Many Japanese students from HU study abroad in China as short-term and long-term exchange students. We offer various services to support students who are thinking about studying abroad, such as providing translations and information regarding entrance examination requirements for your chosen university, etc. For students who are already studying in China, we have a consultation service which provides support on everyday life and we offer opportunities for exchange students to interact with one another.

●Recruiting Outstanding International Students

Exchange students from China who want to enroll in a graduate school in Japan will often spend from half a year to a year taking entrance exams in Japan. As an exchange student, this can be quite a heavy burden. However, by conducting preliminary screening for admission to a graduate school through our center, outstanding students will be able to enroll in a graduate school at the start of the fall semester, soon after graduating in China. We are also considering conducting an undergraduate preliminary screening in the future.
Furthermore, we offer Japanese language education for those who wish to study in Japan, in order to provide students with the necessary language skills for their studies (with the goal of passing the JLPT N1).

●Supporting Collaborative Research and Exchange Between Researchers

Our center is also used to support collaborative research and exchange between researchers in both Japan and China. By fully understanding the needs and potential of collaborative research and cooperating with researchers themselves, we aim to develop new research while also discovering and nurturing young researchers.
Furthermore, in order to communicate research results to the public, we regularly publish the journal “Hokkengakkan”.