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  • (2020.4.22) Hiroshima University's activity restrictions index for preventing the spread of novel coronavirus

(2020.4.22) Hiroshima University's activity restrictions index for preventing the spread of novel coronavirus

Amid the spread of the novel coronavirus infections nationwide, HU has launched an index for restrictions on campus activities. The 6-level index serves to HU members (students, faculty and administrative members) as rough guidelines so that they allow the members to act in an appropriate and flexible manner according to the situation.

We kindly ask all HU members to take appropriate actions based on these guidelines. Also, please keep away from the crowds, wash your hands often, wear facemasks, and follow cough etiquette. The following restriction index applies to all HU campuses, except medical activities at HU’s Hospital.

As the situation is rapidly changing daily, please make sure to check the latest updates on HU’s website everyday.

Current status (from April 22, 2020)

Level 3 (High alert)(Extensive restrictions)

Classes *Online classes only. 
Faculty/Research Activities
(Includes researchers and students)
*Only research staff who are currently conducting research/experiments that are difficult to be put a temporary hold, are permitted to enter their laboratories with the utmost consideration to prevent further spread of infection. 
*Only those who are indispensable for continuing research (see ※1) may enter the laboratory concerned. 
Administrative activities *About half of the administrative members are required to switch to telework by taking shifts with the other colleagues who are commuting to their workplaces as usual. 
On-campus meetings *Switch to online meetings as much as possible. 
Campus entrance restrictions *Entry by the undergraduate and graduate students, is, in principle, prohibited (see ※2)
Extracurricular activities *All the extracurricular activities are prohibited, except for certain activities that require looking-after of the living organisms. 

The afore-mentioned activities restriction index may be subject to change according to the circumstances regarding the spread of infection from this point of time onwards.
Please find the instructions regarding extracurricular activities on HU’s website.
(※1) Those who engage in essential research activities and lab assets maintenance (taking care of living organisms, replenishing liquid nitrogen, etc.) must obtain permissions from the respective graduate school’s dean or research center director in advance. (Application form) (Application form example)
(※2) The following individuals are not subject to the restrictions above: those who have registered in advance to attend the online classes on campus due to a lack of network connectivity at home.

To all HU students

The most important thing you can do now is to reduce the risk of getting infected by the novel coronavirus, unwittingly transmitting the virus to the third parties. Please remain calm and take appropriate actions based on the HU’s guidelines. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding classes or student life, please feel free to consult with your tutor, academic advisor, the student support office of your School/Graduate School, or the Health Service Center.


General inquiries
Hiroshima University, General Affairs Group (Risk Management)
E-mail: risk-anzen*office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Inquiries regarding faculty/research activities
Hiroshima University, Department of Academic Research and Industry-Government Collaboration Support Group Leader
E-mail: syakai-gl*office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp

(Please replace * with @)